Student Loan calculator who has the best one

Need a student loan calculator? Who has the best one? More importantly, where do you get the loan? Being a student, we all know that you are trying to make the ends meet. In cases where the federal student aid allotted to you becomes insufficient, you will have to depend on other alternatives to pay your tuition fee and cover other educational expenses. 

You may want to consider private loans and funding options. Private student loans offer flexible interest and payment options. Now you must be thinking which loan option is worth going for and which provides the best value for the service. We have shortlisted a few student loan options that should fit most students at their best. 

College Ave:

This loan option by College Ave carries no origination fee or application fee. The loan starts from the mere amount of $2000 and can be taken up to the total cost of attending the school program. The bank provides both, student and parent loan options. The student repayment option allows the general timespan of 5, 8, 10 and 15 years while the repayment period under the parent option spans from 5 to 12 years. The loan options carry fixed and variable interest rates, you may choose as you like. 

Sallie Mae:

This loan option carries no origination charges, also, has no fee if the loan is paid off early. The best part about this student loan is that it is available for students from kindergarten to the 12th standard, vocational training courses, dental and medical school studies and residencies, MBA programs and even for bar study fees. The loan can be obtained for the mere amount of $1000 and can go up to covering all the costs of the education and school attendance. This loan option is available for undergrads, graduates and for parents. This loan option also carries fixed and variable interest rates, you may choose as you like.


They charge only 2% as origination fee and carry no application fee. This loan option also offers fixed and variable interest rates, and has no fee for early payment of the loan. The bank has for different plans to make it easier for the students to pay the loan. The student repayment option allows the students to pay the loan back in 5, 10 or 15 days. It is available for graduates and undergrads, and also covers the MBA grads. It can make up for 100% of the cost of attending the school. 


These loans are funded by the community banks and the credit unions. With zero application and origination fee, you can opt to pay only $25 per month while the student is studying in school. This loan option allows the student to pay the entire loan in a fifteen years’ time. Only the last 10 payments need to be made in full – with the installments amount and the interest. This loan option can also make borrowers eligible for consiger release based on their credit worthiness and the fact that the borrower has made 24 consecutive payments in full with the entire principal and interest amounts. 

Citizens Bank:

This bank also charges zero application and origination fee. They also give you a reduction in interest rates if you already have an account with the citizens’ bank. The lowest amount of loan that can be taken is $1000 while the highest amount can go up to $295,000 – as per your degree program. This loan option also allows you to settle the repayments within 5 to 15 years’ time span. This loan option also carries fixed and variable interest rates, you may choose as you like.

Among the various loan options, you may choose the one that suits you the best. You may also visit any of the mentioned above banks to discuss the loan options in detail. 

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