SmartGuy Local Networking Groups and Your Chamber of Commerce a Perfect Fit

The economy is slowing, consumers are reducing their spending, taxes are sure to rise and you can't afford to advertise. What are you going to do to survive? You already know the future of your business requires generating new clients and customers. The answer is simpler than you think; just ask a "Smart Guy".

Business professionals nationwide are signing up for Smart Guy's business directory and business referral network. This allows them greater online visibility, and the ability to meet and align with many other non-competing business professionals within their local city. Each Smart Guy professional agrees to provide top-quality service to their clients and customers and refer each other whenever possible. 

As each city grows, and business relationships develop, professionals need 2 things; they need to learn effective networking strategies and a setting in which to personally meet and get to know their new alliance partners.

Networking companies provide excellent education and regular interaction between local members. Local Chambers of Commerce provide gatherings and events, in which members can not only interact, but keep up with state, federal and local issues.

"Small businesses are hurting!" states Heidi Gallegos, CEO of the Regional  Chamber of Commerce - San Gabriel Valley, "Small Businesses are looking for value without involvement...they are looking for ways to cut their costs and build their client base. Smart Guy and the chamber of commerce is the perfect marriage; it practically recession-proofs their business!"

For networking companies and local chambers of commerce, Smart Guy brings a fresh innovative way to increase the online visibility of their member's goods and services, strengthen the communication and alliances between them, and increase their overall membership.

For Smart Guy, these organizations bring information, education, and settings in which large numbers of professionals can come together.

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