Paintless Dent Removal Cost and Tools

If you want to remove minor dents from the body of your automobile, the best way is to apply paintless dent repair (PDR) or paintless dent removal. You can repair various kinds of damage using PDR. Repairing paint damage on your car is not among the kind of damage that can be done using PDR. That explains the term "paintless." For you to carry out PDR successfully, you will need to know the paintless dent removal cost and tools.

Your car could be damaged by hailstones, or it could have minor bumper indentations, minor creases or door dings. If you are intending to paint your car, you can use PDR to prepare your car for the paint job in the application referred to as push-for-paint, or push-to-paint.

You will have to consider many factors when performing PDR. The degree of damage done on the metal and the flexibility of the paint are the major factors you must consider. If the damage were too deep, PDR would not be a viable option for the job. The dent should also be without creases. If you manage to use PDR on deep and heavily creased metal, you will have to carry out some painting afterwards, as the PDR job would be conspicuous. Nonetheless, you might be fortunate to get a technician that might pull off the job without the need for paint.

The techniques used in PDR were previously frowned upon by various consumers who took their cars for repair. They thought that the techs were playing tricks on them. However, this method is increasingly being adopted for use on cars prepared for auction. You can also use it for lease return, rental car maintenance and consumer vehicle repair.

Most people love paintless dent removal cost and tools because they are a more affordable alternative to a full repair. PDR is also not time consuming as other methods are. Paintless dent repair can make use of body picks and metal rods to push out the dents from the inside of the body panel.

Your tech can also use a specially designed tab or glue to pull out the dents from the outside of the panel. The part that has been pulled out will then be tapped lightly to make it as smooth as possible. If there is a bump instead, your tech will shrink the part in an effort to flatten the surface.

You can have PDR done on steel and aluminum panels. Your tech needs to be careful when pushing or pulling the metal, as too much force will result in the paint cracking or chipping. This will force you to retouch or repaint the body. However, such incidents are rare and they normally occur if the tech is not highly skilled or experienced enough.

The paintless dent removal cost and tools depend on the skill of the tech and the resources available. Experienced techs would never work without some tools because they know it could compromise the quality of their work. For instance, techs must have a reflection board to see the fine detail of the dents. Without such tools, your technician might have no way of ascertaining the extent of the dent and the progress of his work. The evenness of the surface may not be determined without a reflector board. You can compare this board to the level rule used in building and construction to determine the angle of a wall being constructed. Without the level, the wall might be crooked.

The cost of paintless dent removal is not too high. However, the most important thing to do is to find a highly skilled tech with the right tools to remove your dents.