Medical Billing A Promising Healthcare Business

The healthcare field will undergo many changes. Trends show a steady move to computerize medical records. Then you add Obamacare.  It looks like medical billing may become an important business. For this reason there are several things you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about getting into a promising healthcare business.

Getting Medical CodingTraining

Trained and experienced coding specialists use the latest International Classification of Disease, ICD-9, published in 1977. The ICD-9, knowing what it is and how to use the codes is at the core of medical billing training. They use the codes to enter diseases and medical terms to many health-related forms. Health insurance companies, hospitals, or doctors are just a few of the companies using these codes.

Medical billing training can be done online and at local trade schools and colleges.
The best programs are accredited. Learning to work in a medical billing environment is the second phase of training. The third and final phase of training is passing certification.

Once you complete preparation and certification, you'll have several career options.
The billing specialist can work as a medical assistant or receptionist, work for an insurance company, teach or open their own billing business. Of all the options, having your own business may be the most challenging and rewarding. And, its well suited as a home-based business.

Building a Medical billing Business
Starting a medical billing business begins with a business plan. A good business plan demonstrates your business goals, competition, marketing plans and expected income. It shows your experience and ability to run a business.

The next step in starting a medical billing business is finding clients.
There are a few ways. First, network through resources like the SBA or an SBDC. A professional group or trade association is also a good source for developing medical billing clients. The industry has several associations.  The prominent organizations are the American Medical Billing Association and the Medical Association of Billers. They offer certification and continuing education. Membership in either organization only adds to your business credibility.

Attending events and conferences for healthcare professionals is another way of developing medical billing clients.
Joining committees or attending conferences helps spread the word about your services. An additional way to market your business is to do presentations for the medical community.  This will establish you as an expert.

Online marketing is another option for your business.
Using social media and consumer referral sites will attract customers. One more item to remember The healthcare industry has several types of practitioners. Chiropractors, hospitals, therapists, nursing homes and dentists are also among your potential clients. Specializing in one or more areas can boost income for your business.

Sustaining Your Business
A key factor in becoming a successful medical coder is continuing education and using medical billing best practices. Many local colleges offer continuing education courses and training in medical billing for professionals. And, don't forget, there are the trade and professional associations. Many of their courses are available online as well as at organization seminars and workshops. Keeping abreast of trends in the industry and demonstrating that to clients encourages confidence in your business.</P> <P><STRONG>The top medical billing best practices include:

Knowledgeable staff with good people skills
Staff well trained in eligibility pre screening, trained in the different types of insurance coverage and trained in the requirements for claim processing for the providers such as Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, PPOs, etc.

Do a last step verification for accuracy before submission
Bill electronically within 24 hours of patient visit
Bill consistently to insure constant income.

The medical billing field is very important in the healthcare industry. As the industry becomes more and more computerized, knowledge of insurance requirements and coding are a must. Marketing your business use trade associations and networking at events for the medical community. Finally, using industry best practices will help your business generate steady income.