How to Use Various Buffing and Polishing Techniques

Buffing and Polishing can be used for household chores, craft activities and more.  Buffing metals makes them shiny and smooth.  When you buff or polish jewelry it becomes that sparkly sought after bobble that catches your eye in the jewelry store.  You can polish any silver and other collectables at home with some practice and the right equipment. Wood-turners have discovered how using buffing and polishing compounds in their craft can achieve different finishes that werent possible without them.

Besides jewelry polishing, buffing and polishing a car is also a familiar task. Many people keep their cars looking like new with this maintenance routine.  Usually, the first step is to wash your car by hand, if possible.  Once it is clean, then you can add a buffing and polishing compound and rub it into the cars finish. After rubbing it in, you have to rub it off, or buff it to bring the glossy new car shine.  This is a labor of love for your car since it takes a bit of time and energy to do all of this by hand.  While there are buffing and polishing machines, generally car enthusiasts advocate for the hand process to be used. Depending on the type of finish on your car, you may want to choose a gentle compound or a soft buffing cloth or wheel.  Checking with a car store, or online for tips and information about the best pads to use and recommended compound can help you make your car look like a professional worked on it.

Also, if you happen to be in an accident and need a repair to the body of your car, a good buff and polish is how to make that damage really disappear and to make the crash become a distant memory.  Some people can buff out those small dings from the grocery store, but a garage that fixes accident damage may have a high speed buffing machine that can help get rid of serious body damage.

Buffing and polishing a car can be done on a weekend day, but other hobbyists prefer to use the buffing techniques to make artistic creations.  Wood-turning utilizes a lathe or a turning machine that allows the craftsman to carve and cut the wood in different ways using an assortment of tools. Using the polishing compounds can make the sheen on a wood-turned project look amazing.  Adding paints and adding compounds while you turn the wood in the lathe can give the project an interesting and different look. 

Metal work can be done with a motor and wheels that vary in thickness and size.  Instead of polishing by hand or using a wood lathe, the motor and the wheels use speed and the compound to give that shiny look or the texture that you want in the project. This machine can be one that you could have in your garage or basement for projects without a problem.  If youve used sandpaper, there are different grits to sand down the wood, the wheels use the compound added to help create the course or fine sanding with the metal work.

Buffing and polishing is a good way to keep the items in your world looking new and shiny.  If you are planning to sell a piece of jewelry or that precious car, then a good polishing can help you show off your valuable in the most attractive way.  Whether you are caring for a car and buffing it by hand, or you are creating a great piece of wooden art, polishing it can make the natural beauty and luster shine.