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Are you searching for the best real estate investor in Council Bluffs Iowa in 2019 near me? 

The term “real estate investor” can and does have many varied and distinct meanings these days. We will be focusing on what is, perhaps, the most important of them all.

After careful consideration, here is our choice. 

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Real Estate Investor in Council Bluffs, IA is:

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Roger Amburn
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As mentioned previously, the term “real estate investor” can have many meanings.

The first one that the mind usually brings up is where you invest in real estate to either hold for a time and then sell at a profit or use the purchased property as a rental property to create positive cash flow over time.

We will be focusing here on the polar opposite of the previous example above.

That being the scenario in which you have a house or property that you wish to sell, but don’t necessarily want to go through the rigorous process of selling it yourself or selling it via a realtor.

This is where a real estate investor enters the picture. He, she, or even they will inspect your home and/or property and assess its real market value. If feasible, they will probably make you a reasonable “cash” offer to acquire said property.

If there is an existing mortgage balance on the property: that will be taken into account.

Even if the offer is less than what you believe the house MIGHT have sold for using more conventional sales methods, you have to weigh the numerous advantages of doing it through a real estate investor. Some of those being:

  • No more payments.
  • No endless open houses disrupting your family life.
  • No hefty fees or commissions to be paid.
  • Potentially being able to “cash out” of your property
  • quickly and easily.
  • Being able to deal directly with “the buyer”.
  • No expensive repairs before making a deal.
  • Can often close in as little as 2 days.

There may be many situations you find yourself in where using a real estate investor is, obviously the smartest choice. Here are some of them:

  • Inherited a house that you have no use for?
  • Nightmare tenants making your life miserable?
  • Mooching relatives living in your house without paying?
  • Too many repairs needed and don't have the desire to fix it?
  • Behind on payments and facing foreclosure?
  • Want to invest in a business or another house and need the cash?
  • Never really wanted to be a landlord and just want to cash out?
  • House too big and you want to downsize?
  • Don't feel like paying a Realtor thousands of dollars in commissions?
  • Don't want dozens of strangers viewing your house if you put it up for sale?
  • Recently divorced and need a way out of the house?
  • Trying to relocate and need to sell your house?

What to look for when selecting a real estate investor…

First and foremost, you would want to ask for and check references from previous clients to determine if those clients were happy and satisfied with the offer, speed of closing, etc. If everyone you spoke with was happy with all these various factors, you can feel confident in proceeding.

Roger Amburn is ready to chat with you.

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