How to Find the Best Animal Doctor

Whether you are just moving to the state or have got yourself a new friend, we have gathered for you’re here everything you need to know about how to find the best animal doctor for you.

Look for AAHA accreditation

It is highly recommended that you choose an animal hospital that is recognized by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Accredited hospitals show that they are committed to meeting -- or exceeding -- standards in various areas (approximately 900 standards). A hospital accredited by the AAHA seems to go above and beyond. The hospital must prove to the third party (AAHA) that they continuously deliver the highest quality and safest care. 

Hospitals accredited by AAHA meet the ideal standards of veterinary care. Each hospital willingly completes a comprehensive evaluation of its equipment and services. Then a consultant thoroughly assesses the hospital to be confident it meets the high standards of AAHA in the areas of:

  • Emergency Services
  • Pain Management
  • Contagious Diseases
  • Surgery And Anesthesia
  • Radiology Services
  • Pathology Services
  • Nursing Care
  • Diagnostic And Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Examination Facilities
  • Pet Medical Records
  • Medical Library
  • Housekeeping And Maintenance

Ask people like you

When you start your search for the ideal vet, ask your coworkers or pets who have pets. If you consider your pet to be a part of your family, ask people who feel the same way about their pet. 

In case you are moving somewhere else 

If you are shifting to another area, the best option is to ask your veteran to recommend you a good animal doctor in the area you move to. Veterinary medicine associations of the area also have lists of various active members. 

Tour the practice

When you think you have found the best animal doctor, you should take a tour of the place. If the hospital is right, they will be proud to show you around. Make sure you ask and make certain of the following:

  • Is the place hygienic?
  • Do the already present animals seem safe and comfortable?
  • Are cats and dogs separated?
  • Is the equipment present up to date?
  • What is the amount of clutter in the place?

Schedule a meeting to get acquainted 

When your pet is ill and needs immediate treatment, it is the worst time to find a veteran. Instead, you should get an acquaintance meeting scheduled so that you and your pet can get acquainted. The meeting will also enable you to question and find out about various hospital practices, through which you can deduce if the vet and the hospital are the “right fit” for your pet and yourself. An efficient Owner-pet-veteran relationship is similar to a partnership and communication seems to be the key.

Should the veterinarian possess specialty?

This mainly depends on the kind of animal you have. For example, in case you have adopted a bird, you will need a veteran who has specialized in avian animal veterinarian. Veterinarians should generally be able to treat and care for all types of animals. This includes the different breeds of dogs and cats. 

Keeping your pet’s health in optimal condition is essential. But your veterinarian is not the only one who plays a role in maintaining the good health of your pet. It is also up to you that you have to continually collaborate with your veterinarian to give your pet the ideal care he/she requires to spend a happier and healthier life. Hopefully this articles helps you answer the question how to find the best animal doctor.