How To Find And Hire A Cheap Electrician

Professional electricians provide a range of services related to the installation and replacement of various elements of electrical systems in homes and commercial buildings. They also perform tests and diagnose problems with electrical equipment as part of general home inspections. But, what is the best way to find and hire a cheap electrician?

An electrician normally charges customers on the per hour or per project basis, plus takes a flat service fee. The exact amount depends on several factors. Those include the difficulty and extent of the job, accessibility (new installation or remodeling), how urgently the work needs to be done, customer’s location, whether this is a business property or ordinary home, pro’s experience, and others. You may also have to obtain a building permit and cover the cost of materials. On average, be prepared to spend from $165 to $510. The lowest price is $85, while the highest is $910. 


Depending on how far the breaker box is located in your home, you may need between 100 and 200 linear feet of wire, with one foot costing from $6.50 to $7.50. However, the electrician may find some of your existing wiring still good to use. Then, you’ll spend less. 


Installing new wires is a process that comprises two stages. Expect to pay $125-$175 per one hour (100 square feet).


The price of rewiring also depends on whether it’s a remodeling or “blank page” project. If one of the walls has to be knocked down, you may need to have drywall installed. That may cost you up to $1,750, materials included. On average, be prepared to pay around $1,250 for your home rewiring. 

The average cost of installing or repairing an outlet and a switch

Installing a switch or an outlet is probably the simplest of electrician services. Note, however, that professionals take a service fee for the first hour of work. So, with this fee factored in, you’ll likely pay $210 for replacing one outlet or $155 for having a new switch installed. If it’s a dedicated outlet for something like a dryer, the price may be as high as $610. To save money, inspect your home for the outlets and switches in need of replacement, and hire an electrician to deal with all of them in one visit. 

How much does it cost to replace breakers? 


  • Fire-preventing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) (up to 20 amps): $47-$77
  • Standard circuit breaker (up to 60 amps): $40-$6 


An hour of work will cost $70-$90. 

Total Cost 

$110-170 for the replacement of one breaker, regardless of the type. 

Information to check 

It’s extremely important to find a reliable, licensed, and insured electrician. An incorrect installation or replacement of an electrical system component may cost you dearly, causing a fire or electrocution. Moreover, if you’ve hired an uninsured contractor and an accident occurs, the insurance company in all probability will not cover your claim. As for the license for electrician services, the requirements are not identical in different states. You should find out what they are in yours. 


If you’re going to rewire your house or perform another large-scale project, you may have to obtain consent form the local building department. 

In order to find a reliable electrician, make sure you always consult with them and take an estimate before starting off with your project. An ideal way of finding a good electrician is to contact the local electric store or ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations.