How to Find a Job as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts that help to advertise, market or even brand organizations and businesses.  Designing a logo, helping to create brochures, pamphlets, web sites and other materials helps the companies to communicate the messages that are important to them.  Some designers work with computer software to generate their work, or they work by hand with paints and other art media.  Others may even use a blend of the two processes to make their clients images, logos and other materials.

Do you love to doodle and imagine wonderful things? Do you draw any chance that you get? Do you look at the ads on television and even when you get something in the mail and think that you could do something like that, given the chance?  Perhaps attending any of the nearly three hundred accredited graphic design schools could be for you.  When considering a school, make sure to look at the requirements because some schools need some specific art classes before accepting students to their programs.  In order to work in this profession, a bachelors degree is the entry level degree required.  In addition to the bachelors degree, a portfolio that demonstrates creativity and originality in a professional manner can be the key to landing that first job. 

When looking at graphic design schools, something to consider is the different experiences that youll have while studying.  The more varied experiences that you can have while in school, the more pieces that you can add to your portfolio.  The portfolio is a collection of different types of work that can be used to show a cross-section of your experiences and can show off your style.  Often a school will design courses with the intention to provide students with the opportunity to produce work that is worthy of display in a portfolio. The school should also assist their students with creating a portfolio and with what trends are critical in the job market so the graduates are well prepared to compete for jobs. With the art and design classes some schools offer classes in business and marketing and writing, too.  These types of courses may serve you well depending on the type of graphic design in which you work.

Graphic designers need to have some basic skills in art and design, but prowess in computers and technology and good teamwork skills are also important to this career.  Being able to work with the latest technology can be a key to securing a position in todays job market.  Teamwork is needed because often designers will work with other designers, writers, business and marketing professionals.

How much can you make in this profession?  A graphic designers salary is usually based on a full time work schedule, but the hours may vary depending on the deadlines and the project demands.  In 2010, a typical graphic designers salary was around forty-four thousand dollars.  Advancement usually means more money, but generally advancement occurs with experience and so planning for a few years of experience before applying for those senior graphics positions might be advisable. With the profession projected to increase at about thirteen percent in the next decade, jobs will be available, but probably not in plentiful numbers.

Graphic designers really help to shape some of the communication that is done by companies and organizations.  From logo design to marketing materials and other work to support the mission and the critical communication needed from the company is part of the designers job.  With creativity, some artistic talent, a bachelors degree and a willingness to meet deadlines, a career in graphic design can be for you.