How Does Vinyl Siding Compare to Brick

Making the right choice when it comes to exterior finishing is considered a key decision in house construction. It is a matter that will have a long effect on the look of the house. This means that you cannot afford to take it lightly if you are not looking forward to redo the siding in the near feature. If you are willing to make a sale out of the house in future, then the exterior part of the house will play a big part on the worthiness of the bids that buyers will offer. The two main materials that can be used for exterior finishing include vinyl and bricks. The two materials concur and differ in many ways. Hence, before choosing any of them, you should seek information on how does Vinyl siding compare to Brick

One of the details that you will have to know on how does vinyl siding compare to brick is the cost of each of them. The cost of the materials can be sourced from the Internet or you can visit various stores in your region. Research shows that bricks cost much more than vinyl. In fact, bricks will cost as much as three to five times the cost of vinyl. This will not be so for no reason, but is pegged on the many benefits that will come with bricks. What you are required to do is to carry out a cost to benefit analysis that will show whether the cost is worth the benefits you will derive from each material. The opportunity cost of the money is another thing that needs a double thought.

While trying to cut through the jargon on how does vinyl siding compare to brick, the appealing look of the house cannot be overlooked. Your choice of an impressive appearance should be one that will last more than you do. Bricks are more classical but their durability is worth decades if not centuries. Bricks hold their elegance for a longer time; you do not need to change them every now and then. Contrary, vinyl may not last longer than bricks but their inexpensive nature makes it possible to replace them from time to time. The good thing about vinyl is that they come in many colors meaning that you can easily exercise your preference to color and style.

The matrix on how does vinyl siding compare to brick can also be solved by understanding the maintenance aspect required by each of them. The buck of finishing materials does not stop with buying and installing them. You have to ensure that they are properly maintained to keep their elegance and durability at bay. Vinyl may not cost you a dime on its maintenance. You can just use a hose pipe to rinse off the dirt on its surface. Even a wet sponge can do the cleaning magic on vinyl. Though for a quarter of a decade a brick is free from missing mortar and cracks, annual inspection is necessary. In case the brick is cracked, it has to be refilled with mortar or concrete chalk. Washing a brick will need to be done using pressure.

The economic life of the materials will also break it down on how does vinyl siding compare to brick. Contrary to what the manufacturers guarantee on the life expectancy of vinyl, it is likely that it will not to last for more than half a century. The color of the vinyl will not last for a long time before it fades. On the side of the brick, proper maintenance will render it centuries in life expectancy. The coolness of the house is better maintained by bricks than vinyl can do. The indoor of the house is better protected against drafts by use of bricks. In a nut shell, the aspects of how a Vinyl siding compare to brick, shows that, except for initial cost, benefits of using  bricks outweighs those of vinyl.