Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet and Rug Repair and Maintenance

Rugs are another investment in your home and lifestyle and deserve the same amount of care and attention to maintain them as any other carpet, tiles or flooring. Many different situations can call for you get your rugs repaired especially due to environmental factors, aging, and catastrophic spills. You can maintain a decent appearance of your carpet effectively by regularly removing dry particle soiling and spot removal. The soil is extremely abrasive and attacks carpet at the fiber level. Additionally, spots and spills must be dealt with promptly before they become permanent stains.

Here are some frequently asked questions about carpet and rug repair and maintenance. 

What kind of rug repairs are done?

Rug repair services can restore carpet areas that have been destroyed through fire, animals, insects, wear and tear, cuts and similar damage. Rugs can be rewoven and re-piled, reproducing original designs using wool dyed in similar colors. Different sized holes and cuts can be patched.  Rug repair services also specialize in edge and end unraveling, repair of worn fringes, reinforcement of weak and separated areas, overcasting of worn rug ends, improving pre-existing repairs and altering the size of the rug. 

How should I clean and maintain the rugs and carpets at my home?

Regular vacuum and cleaning are good, but carpets need professional maintenance to stay in good form, once in a while. This involves removal of deep-seated dirt, stains, and fluids that may have spilled on your floor covers. It also involves thorough disinfection of your carpets which are usually home to several microbes, fungi, and tiny insects. The cleaning process ends with deodorizing your carpets to make them smell fresh and as good as new. It is important to get your carpets cleaned professionally from time to time.  

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

All carpets should be cleaned every 12 to 24 months if you are thinking of hiring a professional cleaner. Otherwise, it should be vacuumed at least twice a week. For high traffic households with pets and children, it is recommended to get your carpets cleaned anywhere between three and seven times a week.

My rug is damaged by smoke, what should I do?

Smoke damage can sometimes be silent but is extremely hazardous for you and your children’s health. Without proper cleaning, carpets and rugs will emit supremely harmful and dangerous fumes, lasting for several months. It is additionally harmful to elderly with lung disorders and weak immune systems.

Heavily smoke damaged rugs require both washing and professional deodorizing with specific odor removing chemicals. Small amounts of direct fire damage burns can be re-knotted and heavy ash and soot can also be washed by professional rug washers and should be done as soon as possible. 

Moths have eaten my rug, what should I do?

Many fine rugs are made up of fine natural fibers such as wool which lose their natural oily properties and become drier making them easier for moths to eat than a new rug. Firstly you should vacuum both the front and back of all your rugs and place them in an area with direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays will kill the eggs that are hiding in your carpet. 

After that, you should sanitize or wash your rug or bring it in to get washed by a professional. Small moth-eaten areas can often be rewoven, and large areas can be shaved and sheared to minimize the damage. Different techniques including dying can also be used to restore damaged areas. Getting your rug treated chemically isn’t a very wise thing to do because it can end up damaging your rug piece more.