Free Small Business Network and Local Networking

Are you looking for a free small business network? Want to do some local networking to generate more customers or clients? SmartGuy® is already one of the largest exclusive online business referral networks in the world, with over 100,000 businesses in thousands of cities! In just 2 minutes fort signing up, SmartGuy® will list you in your local SmartGuy® city business directory,  business network, exclusively connect you to up to 1,500 local referring businesses and will even automatically create an editable webpage for your business (including hosting) that can rank on the top of search engines in as little as 2 weeks - ALL FOR FREE!

Why would they do that for free? 

SmartGuy® knows more that 90% of searches for businesses (like yours) begins online. They also know that if they can create an editable webpage (including hosting) for your business and can get it to the top of major search engines, you will be amazed - and of course, want to keep it! Especially since most search engine marketers "experts" often charge 500-$1000 per month with a contract to get a business high on searches  - and usually can't even do it!

What's the catch?

There isn't really a catch in that you get everything they mention for free; however, your spot is not secure and can be replaced by another business in your city/category that upgrades to Premium (only $69 per month - no contracts)

What else do businesses get with Premium Membership?

Aside from securing their spot, they get listed on all available SmartGuy related industry articles, many of which are already on the top of search engines as the exclusive recommended professional in their city. Their writers will also create a custom article promoting their business which also can rank on the top of search engines fast. This can often give them TWO spots on the first page of search engines.

SmartGuy's biggest Value...

Without a doubt,  the biggest value in joining SmartGuy will end up being listed as the ONLY professional in a massive city business network - and the ongoing referrals one can receive. Imagine the value of being the only life insurance agent, house painter or any of up to 1,500 other categories of professionals in these local referral machines.

Just as Amazon® has improved the relationship between consumers and retailers, and Uber®  has improved the process between people and getting to destinations, SmartGuy® is changing the way businesses grow with a unique spin that will not only make it easier for consumers to find local quality businesses, but provide ongoing virtually free leads for up to 1500 businesses within each city! But wait, think it couldn't get better?

You can even earn money by referring others to SmartGuy®.

Obviously, the more businesses that join in your city, the more referrals you will receive. So to get give you even more incentive to tell others, they have added email share tools (currently for those with gmail and yahoo) that allow you to click a few buttons and share SmartGuy® with all your contacts.

Businesses that get your email and join as Premium members in the first 2 weeks of your sharing it, can earn you $10 per contact! See the website for details!

To add your business or for more information, visit SmartGuy® at