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Looking to Find the best Wedding Photographer in Raleigh NC 2019? Want to know who thad great wedding prices and packages in Raleigh? Before we tell you, I will let you know that there are quite a few. We looked into many of them before choosing.  You see, Raleigh is a beautiful city with many wonderful places to get married, such as: the Glass Box, The Stockroom at 230, All Saints Chapel, The Triangle Lebanese-American Center, Embassy Suites Raleigh Crabtree, JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University, the Double Tree or the Raleigh Racket Club. However choosing a wedding photographer is more difficult than say, choosing music, or flowers or even caterers. The fact is, you really don’t know what you are getting until after the event. For this reason, it is important to due your homework first.

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As we mentioned before, it was close and there are many wedding photographers in the area; however, we had to choose one. Here are the factors that you can use to help choose the photographer for your wedding in Raleigh:

What Style Do You Want?

Prior to searching for photographers online, you should pick the style of wedding you desire. After all, there are numerous styles or themes to choose from, for example romantic, alternative, vintage, whimsical, modern, rustic, garden, Bohemian, Southern, formal, art deco, nautical, tropical and so many more! Let your dreams run while and get inspired. It is your wedding! This will make it easier to narrow your research on photographers that will turn your wedding dreams into reality.

Do Your Research

Most searches for professionals begin online. Websites like SmartGuy provide quality professionals in your area, many with details over and beyond what is listed on a typical website. For example, reviews, links to social networks, videos and more. It is important to go through the photographers website as they often display photographs of weddings they have done. This will give you a better understanding of their style, talents, personality, professionalism and more.

Meet Them in Person

Wedding photos tend to be rather expensive if you select a quality wedding photographer. There is quite a bit of preparation required and you need to meet them in person. Assuming you like their style, quality of work and price, you want to get to know them as a person. Often, during a wedding things come up and you want to make sure they are experienced, flexible and work well with your personality. To prepare for your interview with them, you might want to send them a short introductory email with some information about you and what you want, as well as how you envision the event. You might even want to include a few sample photos from their website (or others) that help them get a better feel for the look you want. Be sure to meet with a few before making your final choice.

Check out Their Wedding Albums or Online Photos

Don't just base your decision on their website. When meeting with them, ask to see some wedding albums or online photos they have done. Keep in mind, they are probably showing you the best work they have done, so go through a few albums. Also, look at wedding albums that match the setting you want for your wedding. If you want an indoor wedding, look for wedding albums that include pictures taken inside. Lighting and other variables are very important in photos. Similarity, if you want an outdoor wedding, look at wedding albulbs that features images taken outside. While going through the photos, don’t just look for pretty backgrounds, but the emotions and expressions on peoples faces, the look special locked eyes of the groom and bride for example. That is one of the major distinguishing features in a good wedding photographer and a great one!

Package Pricing

Once you have selected the wedding photographer, you will need to choose a package and how many albums you will need in order to get a price.Prices can range from as little as $2.500 up to $20,000  or more on the higher end.  There is typically a shooting fee, package which might include additional footage, videos or staff (additional photographer) and then a cost per album, which is based on the number of pictures, etc. Start by asking for the basic package and see if it contains everything you want. You will also need to go over how many hours you want the photographer to be there. You probably want your photographer to be there for the full wedding day, from when your getting ready during the pre-ceremony (getting ready with bridesmaids) events until your grand exit on your way out. Make sure to ask what is the hourly charge if you want them longer.

Photographic Rights

While most contracts state that the photographer owns the rights to all wedding photos, even the ones of you, some might allow you to own them. Often, while photographers post images of your wedding on their websites for promotion, you cannot post the digital proofs they send you unless you buy the rights to the images. The point is you want to cover this in your interview with them.


While the wedding is very exciting time, the arrival of the wedding albums is as well. You see, as the wedding couple, you are probably running around getting ready, speaking to others making sure everything is moving smoothly. Your photographer on the other hand, is running in and out of different rooms getting those special wedding shots that will allow you to see the entire event as it unfolds. That being said, it can take at least a month or two if not longer to get the album ready. Much is involved, as your wedding photographer is shooting huge raw files far bigger than your typical JPG. This allows them the ability to correct, adjust and fine tune the pictures. Some photographers spend as much as 50 hours or more just editing images from a single wedding. Ask them for n expected timeline as to when the albums will be ready.

While there are many other factors to consider when choosing the best wedding photographer in Raleigh, these are some of the more important points. An exciting time awaits you, enjoy...