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Are you looking for a water heater replacement, look no further -  you have found the Best Water Heater Replacement Austin, TX? For any homeowner, renter, apartment dweller the search for a company to replace a faulty or leaking hot water heater can be daunting. What questions do you ask? Is there a standard replacement price? What if it is after hours, on the weekend, or even a holiday? What kind and size of the water heater should I replace mine with? These questions all need answers for you to be able to have confidence and peace of mind when it comes to replacing your hot water heater. 

With this goal in mind, and after extensive research, we are pleased to announce our choice.  

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Water Heater Replacement Austin, Texas, is:

Fairway Installation LLC
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What are the signs that my water heater might need replacing?

Time and mineral deposits in your water supply are the biggest enemies of your water heater. The last thing anyone wants is a cold shower or bath due to hot water heater failure. But even worse is the damage that can come if a water heater burst or develops a leak. Depending on the location of the water heater, a leaking heater can be a costly problem. 

So here are five (5) signs to keep an eye on to hopefully prevent an emergency hot water heater replacement:

1. Age - what is the age of your heater? You can expect a heater to last on average of eight to twelve years.

2. Corrosion or rust. Do you see dirty water when you run the hot water? Or water with "white" flakes in them. Or have you noticed that your kitchen faucet runs slower and checking the screen in the faucet shows mineral deposits? These are all signs of impending heater failure caused by the interaction of water and the steel tank the comprises the water heater. 

3. A good maintenance practice is to drain the heater periodically. However, if you attempt that and the drain valve does not drain any water out - that is a sign that sediments have built up in the bottom of the tank. 

4. Do you have minor dripping or water collection in the hot water heater emergency drain pan? If you have a gas or electric traditional hot water heater and it is properly installed it will have an 'emergency drain pan' at its base. It is designed to capture and minor leaking and give time for a replacement of the unit and to avoid water damage to nearby structures. 

5. Lukewarm or cold water temperatures. When running the hot water side of your faucets, you notice that the water is lukewarm (not hot) or even cold it is a sign of a major issue. It could be that the heating element in an electric unit has "burned out." Or that the thermostat has malfunctioned, or that the Thermo coupler in a gas water heater is faulty.

Any of these symptoms should be in investigated by a professional licensed plumber. Some elements of the hot water heater system are extremely dangerous, and serious injuries could be incurred while "checking out" your water heating system.

What is the most cost-efficient hot water heater?

If your water heater is more than ten years old, you will find today's new water heaters are highly more efficient. There are several options to consider when replacing your water heater. If you have an electric unit, you could replace it with either a tank model or a demand model, often called a tankless system. Another factor to consider is the tank size if you choose a tank or stand-alone model, along with the first-hour rating of the heater. 

If you currently have a gas heater (natural, oil or propane) that is a storage or tank model, you will need to replace it with a high-efficiency model. It should be equipped with an electronic igniter, faster heating cycle, and BTU output. 

The third most common type of hot water heater is a demand system or as it is often called a tankless or instantaneous system. It can be either electric or gas-powered and heats the water on demand without the use of a large tank to store the water. These units only supply hot water on demand (when a faucet is turned on) and waste very little energy in the heating of the water. These units can be very efficient. However, they are not for every situation.

Consulting a professional licensed plumber is recommended for any hot water heater replacement. As with any professional tradesman, you can expect to pay a higher cost. You can also expect a more professional job, a warranty on the parts and labor, and an install that is up to date with current building codes. 

More about Fairway Installation LLC

Fairway Installation LLC is your one-stop-shop for all of your plumbing needs. Their licensed plumbers install all types and models of household appliances and fixtures. With over 40 years of combined experience, you can be sure that your installation will be professionally installed and guaranteed by the best in the industry.

David and the team specialize in dealing with water heater replacements and water-saving devices as well as hot water circulators for immediate hot water at the point of use. Convenience and water conservation are the focus of all their installations.

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