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Are you looking for the company to offer the Best Telecom and Information Technology Services in Vancouver, WA in 2019? Do you search to find who knows the next generation telecom and IT options in Vancouver? Will they be able to help with cybersecurity, as well as, traditional security and many other services? Will they be cheaper and cost-effective?

For your consideration, we have located the following company:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Information Technology Services in Vancouver, WA is:

Better Telecom and IT Solutions
Martin Bail
Vancouver, WA 98684
(360) 213-8413

While looking into high tech solutions, we were inundated with technical terms which can be overwhelming to the average company looking to work with Telecom and IT professionals. We took the liberty to create a list of terms for you.

Here are next-generation telecom and IT options:

  • VoIP phone services and Telephone including mobile device assistance
  • eMail with voicemail
  • Unified Messaging (UM)
  • Immediate Messaging and Presence (IM & P)
  • Soft Clients
  • Communications-enabled Applications
  • MPLS with SIP Trunking or Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Broadband Web
  • Ethernet
  • Point to Point
  • Cloud services including colocation
  • public cloud
  • backup and disaster healing, storage, and virtual servers
  • Cybersecurity
  • physical security
  • Web of Things (IoT)
  • Managed Hosting Solutions
  • IT Solutions and Consulting

The best Telecom and It firm will be your finest choice for telecom and IT services because of their continuing consultation and technical assistance. This service will also be FREE to your company, due to the fact that they are paid by the vendors, not you! Your Telecom and IT consulting firm deals with all the best and most significant service providers (vendors) in the world. This team of experts know the strengths and weak points of each supplier and negotiate the very best rates for your business through our solid relationships and buying power. Usually, saving clients 35% on their telecom and IT needs.

The following is an extensive list of services offered by this Telecom and IT company.

Voice and Conferencing

  • Voice and telephony, consisting of mobile devices
  • Conferencing-- Audio, video, and web
  • Messaging-- Email w/voice & unified (UM).
  • Call Center/IVR - no setup required.
  • Instant messaging and existence (IM & P).
  • Soft-Clients-- Desktop and thin web browser.
  • Communications-enabled applications such as integrated collaboration and contact center.

Connectivity Solutions.

Our network services portfolio consists of

  • High Efficiency, Fast Efficient Web Alternatives.
  • Ethernet services-- Metro, Wide-Area, & Global.
  • MPLS-VPN Connections.
  • SD/SD-WAN services-- (Software application specified networking in a wide area network).


We provide access to the most innovative cloud options, covering across all desired architectures, consisting of IaaS, UCaaS, DRaaS, DaaS, BaaS and much more "X" aaS offerings. Provider neutral colocation, Public cloud, Backup and disaster recovery services, Storage, and Virtual Servers.


  • Cyber Security - Network security, ID management, safe gain access to, and more.
  • Physical Security - Secure View cloud-based video tracking, fleet tracking, and far more.

Internet of Things.

Our advanced software application platform offers consumers ease and manage of managing machine-to-machine (M2M) connections for IoT solutions. Conduct your service more effectively by integrating cordless backup failover options or utilizing M2M technology to gain access to remote gadgets utilizing our handled data services.

Your Partners in IT.

We are your first line of defense when it concerns dealing with problems. No matter which Telecom and IT provider are involved, we will be your single point of contact for technical assistance, freeing your time to run your business. Once again, we don't charge you for this service.

More about Martin Bail and Better Telecom and IT Solutions

Better Telecom and IT Solutions of Vancouver partner with the very best telecom and IT suppliers worldwide to supply your company with the most efficient and cost reliable options. From a sole proprietor with a single VOiP line to multi-national corporations with countless seats and complex IT needs, no business is too big or too little. We have telecom and IT services for every single service or company in the greater Vancouver - Portland location. Municipalities, County governments or individual departments, State governments or individual departments, federal agencies, schools or school districts, making companies with workplaces in different states or nations, hospitals or medical workplaces, grocery chains, outlet store, restaurant chains, vehicle chains, other retailers, call centers, realty business, home mortgage companies, multi-location contractors, or pretty much any service that requires IT and telecom. We serve as independent brokers and consultants, finding the very best and most cost-effective services for your business.

We will be your one point of contact for any concerns that occur. Our experts have years of experience and will look into the best telecom and IT options for your business in Vancouver or Camas, while you focus on organization. Our consultation and solution designs are offered absolutely totally free to you with no responsibility. If we can't provide you the very best services at the best costs, you are not charged for our service.

The Best Telecom and Information Technology Services in Vancouver