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Looking for the Best Tanning Salons in Scottsdale, AZ? Are you looking for a particular salon which specializes in Spray Tanning in your community of Scottsdale? Please take a look at this tanning salon for your consideration.

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AZ Spray Tanning
6949 East 5th Avenue
Scottsdale AZ USA, 85251
(602) 647-4004

Let’s face it if you desire to look like a Hollywood A-Lister and movie star; you cannot walk around with pale skin tones. If you want to look like you spend your time at the beach, but you have no time to get away to the islands or beach. You may look into getting a spray tan. There is nothing like having a glow and golden skin that sports that sun-kissed bronze color. The color can range from natural to bronzed. And it all can be obtained through the sunless process of spray tanning.

People who spend time at the gym sculpting their bodies want to get noticed. What better way than to spray tan that healthy golden or bronze color to accent their body. In some cases, people are opting to get an almost wet look or sheen to their tan. Spray tanning is quicker and much healthier than spending hours lying in the sun. Too much sun leads to sunburn. 

How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan?

Do not wear clothes that are too tight. It can most like rub the tan off when you disrobe. Wear a sports bra and shorts, or sweat pants, a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt. Most salons recommend you not wear jeans, socks or leggings.  Also, don’t shower right away, ask your salon provider how much time should elapse before showering.

Does the tanning solution stain?

In most cases, no. If the operator sprays the tanning solution over your clothes, then it’s a good bet, they’ve done it without any problems with staining. Fair warning, always asks first when you make your appointment. There is always a first-time.

Do I have to take my clothes off during a spray tanning session?

No. It’s entirely up to you to wear as much and as little as the salon allows.

When is the best time to get a Spray Tan?

  • It’s a good idea to exfoliate before your session to remove dead and dry skin cells. It facilitates the absorption of the spray tanning solution.
  • Do not use any foundation before your spray tanning session.
  • Hold off wearing makeup and lotion for a while, again ask your salon how long.
  • Remove all jewelry and as much clothing as you wish.
  • Don’t forget a hair net or turban to protect your hair.
  • Needless to say, follow the instructions your tanning specialist gives.
  • Each tanning specialist has different techniques, so do not assume how the process will go.
  • As mentioned before, wear loose clothing to your session

How can I make my tan last?

  • Avoid water for at least 8-12 hours after you tan. Note: Rapid Spray Tans can be rinsed in 1-4 hours. 
  • NO SOAP.
  • Avoid products with moisturizers because they can leave a residue on your skin.
  • Moisturizers should be free of parabens, alcohol and mineral oil. Ask your Tanning Specialist for their recommendation.
  • Apply perfume to your clothes and not to your skin.

More About AZ Spray Tanning

AZ Spray Tanning offers a spray tanning experience, which results in the perfect desired sunless tan. Clients tans are even, natural, flawless, and healthy. AZ Spray Tanning offers unique, tanning formulas designed to achieve the perfect desired results.

Its tanning specialist customized each session to fit their client's individual needs. Expertly blending just the right mix of formulas to show off your very best skin tone comes from their years of experience. Certified Tanning Specialists create custom tanning sessions based on your skin tone and your individual needs. 

It is important to note that AZ Spray Tanning provides 98% organic, vegan, gluten and paraben-free tanning solutions.

AZ Spray Tanning offers services that include tanning for events such as home parties, proms, girls-night-in, dance and cheer competitions, pageants, bridal party packages, and more.

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