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Are you interested in finding the best streaming TV service in Honolulu, HI? Want to know where to go for EnvyTV in Honolulu in 2019? Are you looking to save $$ on your cable service?

After careful consideration, here is our selection.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best EnvyTV in Honolulu, HI is:

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EnvyTV’s streaming service provides you with over 1,000 channels for your viewing pleasure. Your choices include live HDTV, sports channels, premium channels, children's channels, huge international channels and more for your entertainment. Even though there is a nominal monthly fee, one of the benefits of EnvyTV is that it can actually provide a way to put money back in your pocket. Just think about that for a moment ... how often are you shown a product or service you really like and would like to share with everyone. Share this service and actually get paid for doing so. Earn $$ by referring EnvyTV service to everyone, including friends and family. 

Why is EnvyTV the right choice?

Thousands of people across the country are enjoying saving money with EnvyTV. And not only are they saving, but they are also enjoying quality service and choosing from many entertainment choices. Some of the benefits are:

  • Over 1000 channels to choose from in Honolulu
  • Simple Plug & Play Technology
  • No Long- term Contracts
  • Cancel without being subject to fees
  • No need for onsite technical support
  • No credit check necessary
  • Up to 3-unit devices per residential home
  • Month to Month Service
  • Pay only $ 49.97 a month

How many channels are available with EnvyTV?  

While there are well over 1,000 channels that currently exist. EnvyTV is continually adding and updating their website listings to provide its customers with the best possible viewing experience. Although there are currently more than 1,000 channels for you to choose from, EnvyTV strives to keep the main website listings current for their members. Often more channels exist that are listed because they are becoming available every day.

What are the current programming and TV channels available? 

EnvyTV currently offers hundreds of media streaming channels including Pay-PerView Events, Live Streaming Channels; Premium channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ, etc.; If you are a sports fanatic, choose from channels such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and channels outside of the US, and many, many more.

Are there any hidden costs with this online streaming service?

None, EnvyTV has no hidden charges. The $49.97 monthly cost is an all-inclusive package.

What else do I need in addition to the monthly service to enjoy EnvyTV?

You will need fast Internet service. Unfortunately, DSL is often too slow for the streaming EnvyTV service. As long as you are processing at a 4g speed, most portable devices like smartphones or tablets are typically fast enough. But when you are in an area where your provider does not provide adequate speed, your streaming quality may suffer and slow down. As for Home Smart TV’s, PC or Mac: EnvyTV usually runs nicely on 15 and smoothly on 35.  During high volume peak times, the best plan is 50-70. 

Sometimes an internet provider will only provide you with about half of what is available. If by chance you should experience buffering, EnvyTV does have a built-in option to change the viewing psi. This option will help your picture continue to run smoothly and look sharp.

Do I still need a cable box or android box to use this streaming service?

NO!  There are two different ways you can choose from to access your streaming service. You can use your web portal, a FireStick or Fire TV Stick. You can purchase a Firestick or Fire TV stick from Amazon, Best Buy or even in airport vending machines. You can take your Firestick or Fire TV Stick with you anywhere, therefore allowing you to view all your favorite programs. By connecting it to an HDMI port on a TV with internet access you can view your EnvyTV programs internationally. Because of this convenience, the service eliminates the need for renting a monthly cable box.

What are the compatible devices I can use? 

You can view your streaming EnvyTV service through many devices. Some of these include Smart TV, Apple, PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, smartphones (Android and IOS) and most devices from Android 6.0 +.

Do I have the capability of recording my streaming programs with EnvyTV?

Yes, A minimal recording option is available through the Firestick or Fire TV Stick service. But remember that EnvyTV is not a DVR, it is a live streaming service. Members normally watch their favorite shows after the program has been aired with the Firestick or Fire TV Stick.

What about my current contract with my cable/satellite provider? 

Since you're still going to need internet, you might actually be able to lower your satellite/cable service to use the internet only. That means simply changing your package-not canceling it.  

How does EnvyTV Pay and not Cost? 

When you refer family, friends or anyone else to EnvyTV; you can receive a referral bonus of $10 PER month as long as they are a paid member. Your bonus is $50 when 5 people become paid members. This can help offset the cost of membership in EnvyTV. You can refer to as many viewers as you like, earning extra $ $ that can pay for your internet, or anything else for which you need extra cash.  

Can I take this service with me anywhere I go? 

Yes. Watch your favorite programs anywhere in the world. Simply log into the web portal or your Firestick/FireTV Stick to provide you with the internet. 

This service is cheap. Is there a catch?

Our overhead is MINIMAL, because of our low cost to provide you with EnvyTV service.  Since it is not necessary for an employee to come to your residence to install the EnvyTV service, there is no need for company vehicles, expensive equipment, etc. And we deliver your service through the internet, so there is no cost for transmitting through cables or wires. There is no need for EnvyTV to have a brick and mortar home base for operations. Since EnvyTV is built on referrals from our members, the cost of advertising has almost been eliminated.

Does this program offer an opportunity to start a home-based business? 

Yes. Thousands of people are joining EnvyTV and earning commissions.  Receive bonuses for each referral paid membership as a customer. You can also become a member of our company and earn your way to Senior Field Chairman.   

More About EnvyTV

Leon, the EnvyTV Field Affiliate for Honolulu, helps his customers save money and shares with them the opportunity of creating an extra stream of income. You will learn that there is no need to purchase, store or sell any products. There are no monthly quotas to meet and no pressure to build a business unless the customer chooses to do so. The customer controls their business growth and viability. Leon offers great service to his customers as well as his business partners and is available to assist in any way he can. 

If you would like to have more time, freedom, flexible hours, and an opportunity to create additional income contact Leon today. He will share with you the EnvyTV information and its company background and policies.

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