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Looking to find the best streaming TV service in Greenville, SC? Want to know where to go for EnvyTV in Greenville in 2019? Perhaps you want to learn how to save on cable in Greenville?

After careful consideration, here is our selection.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best EnvyTV in Greenville, SC:

Melissa Billups
Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 221-2627

EnvyTV offers over 1,000 channels, which include live HDTV channels, premium pay channels, channels to see your favorite sports, channels for children, channels from all over the world, and lots more!  The monthly fee for EnvyTV is very reasonable, and they will also pay you when you refer others.  Can you imagine getting paid when you share what you like? When was the last time you shared a product or service and got paid to refer that person? 

Why is EnvyTV the best choice for streaming service?

There are thousands of Customers using this service, and they love the price and these features: 

- 1000 plus channels to choose from in Greenville

- Simple Plug & Play Technology

- Stop membership anytime 

- No need for Technical Support

- No need for Credit Checks

- Not 1, not 2, but three units per household for one monthly price

- Members don’t need a contract. 

- You pay only $ 49.97 per mo.

How many channels does EnvyTV offer?

EnvyTV offers more than 1,000 channels, and they are always adding and updating more and more channels. They do all of this to give the best customer experience for its customers. There are often many more channels available than are listed, but they do try to keep the main website up to date. 

Programming and TV channels are available?

EnvyTV offers you hundreds of streaming channels including Pay-Per-View Events, Live Streaming network TV; Fee-based Subscription channels you can subscribe to like: SHOWTIME, HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, etc.; sports channels, such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and many more channels worldwide.  

Does EnvyTV have any hidden fees for this service?

Everything is included in the monthly price of $ 49.97.  

What devices are needed to use this streaming service?

A fast internet connection is most important. (DSL is too slow). Most media devices like smartphones or tablets are fast enough if you are processing at a speed of 4G. If your internet provider is one that cuts your speed, your streaming quality may be decreased.  When you use Smart TV’s, PC’s or Mac’s, EnvyTV operates at about 15 speed and a lot better on 35. When ordering your internet service, you should look at 50-70 speed. During high-volume peak times, your buffering should be low or not at all.  But if you do, EnvyTV has some built-in features to help your viewing options during high usage, which will enable you to keep your picture sharp.  

Will I need an android or cable box?

The quick answer is No, but let me explain. Other boxes are not necessary. You receive a TV signal via your web portal or via a FireStick or Fire TV Stick. Available from various vendors. You purchase the Firestick or Fire TV Stick one time only. You won’t need to rent a cable box or have those monthly fees for a cable TV box when you use the EnvyTV service. Once you have programmed your TV, you can take your Firestick or Fire TV Stick whenever you travel. Once at your destination, you just connect to an HDMI port on a TV with internet access and watch your programmed shows.  

Well then, what kind of devices can I use?

You can select from many different types of devices to use your EnvyTV, including Smart TV, Apple, PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, Android or ISO Android smartphones and other devices with Android 6.0 +.

Can a still record my favorite shows?

The quick answer is Yes, but let me explain.  With EnvyTV, you are streaming different shows. After a show has been aired, you can use your Firestick or Fire TV Stick so you can watch your favorite programs. EnvyTV is not a DVR, so you really do not need to record a show because it is probably already available and your EnvyTV service will be able to find it for you.  

Can I cancel my contract with my cable company?

You will probably need to change your cable service just to have internet.  Your cable/satellite company provides an expensive service, which you should be able to change and save a lot of money.  EnvyTV needs just the internet to work along with the Firestick, so you will most likely be able to lower your satellite/cable service to only include internet and not the expensive TV Packages they oftentimes offer. 

You said, EnvyTV actually pays me! How does that work?

Yes, every member of EnvyTV has the option to get paid when you refer family and friends that use the EnvyTV service and become members.  You will receive $10 for each paid membership.  When you refer five people that continue to remain a member, you will receive $50 every month, which will pay for your membership. You can refer as many people as you want. No limits.  

This is a very good price, are there any hidden loopholes?

We are a Referral only business model, which makes our overhead small. Unlike other providers, we don’t need installation crews or large business offices. And, there is no need for additional ‘boxes’ to get the signal to your home. Our next customer always comes from a referral.

So, If I travel, is there some way to still watch my favorite shows?

Yes, when you travel or move, you use your EnvyTV service to watch your favorite programs.  If you have a fast internet connection, you can use your web portal or your Firestick or Fire TV Stick. All your favorite shows will be there. 

This sounds good, so how does the Business Opportunity work?

You have six ways to earn a commission with EnvyTV.  When you join and become a paid member, and you refer someone, you will receive $10 Per Month for every new active member that activates a monthly subscription.  As your business grows, you can earn five different ways when you become an affiliate. 

More about Melissa Billups and EnvyTV

Melissa Billups was introduced to EnvyTV by a very special friend she worked with. It's kind of an amazing story because she was always complaining to friends and family about paying a super high cable bill.  She just moved into an apartment from her parents’ house. It was only a few months later that all the excitement had quickly come to an end as Bills started to pile up. 

It was a critical time for her because she was trying to save. She wanted her dream car, Dodge Charger. It required her to buckle down and start saving fast. 

She was paying $140- $180 a month on cable TV with Charter that she had no time or desire even to watch because she was always working. The TV was furthest from her mind, let alone paying the bill. Needless to say, it had to go! And within months she was able to buy a 2010 silver dodge charger with 22-inch chrome rims. She was beautiful! It was the best investment of your life. Her time spent at home was watching some TV, but she couldn’t help but wonder to herself why can’t cable be cheaper but included literally everything that you can imagine watching without extra charges or fees for this channel or that channel paying all this extra money to watch one or 2 movies or TV shows. 

Her special friend Mark Halbig said one sentence that changed her life forever. "What if I told you that you could have cable for under $50 a month?" As excited as he was to tell her about it, she was just excited to listen because she did not believe him.  Her EnvyTv experience was uphill from there.

She was fortunate to start this business at an early stage being a founding member. Her fiancé is one as well, and they are lucky to have this opportunity and would love to share this business to help others become a part of the Envy Family. This is truly a one of a kind opportunity that she is extremely passionate about. She wants to share this passion with others so they too can join envy and be a part of this streaming universe that is literally going to take over the market. 

She says, “I've learned so much with research and time listening to motivational speakers, mentors, reading books, and blogs. It sounds like boring stuff, but the truth is, in a world of network marketing knowledge, it is powerful. 

The more you know, the more you grow and the more money you can allow yourself to make. I would love to be able to pass along the things I've learned with my customers and Affiliates.” 

She also says, “EnvyTV for me is more than just a streaming app. It offers a great community of people committed to doing one thing that I've been most passionate about my entire life. That is helping others. If helping others achieve a goal, save money, start a business, make money, or simply provide a service and get paid to do it is an option then sign me up!! I could never have imagined manifesting this great opportunity. It's real, and it exists, and all I can say is I love my job! It has changed my life forever in the best way, and I want my customers and Affiliates to feel the exact same way.” 

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