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Are you in the market for a year-round staycation? Are you looking for the Best Spas and Hot Tubs business in Lehi, UT? Have you searched for a business that specializes and provides you a personal and exhilarating Tropical Sea Spa experience?

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SmartGuy® Best Spas & Hot Tubs in Lehi, Utah, is:

The Spa Bros
Lehi UT USA, 84043
(801) 592-6405

Hot tubs are often classified as spas, or Jacuzzi, a trade term. First of all, a hot tub is a wooden pool. It is a pool if you're dreaming of a swirly, acrylic design with rounded benches and a million jets. A hot tub (usually) is a circular wooden bath with one single seat bench and 4-8 jets along the rim.

Here are some of the Features and Consideration to look forward to when selecting your personal spa environment.

  • Warranty - Most packages come with a lifetime warranty on the structure, three-year warranty on the surface, parts, labor, plumbing, and electrical work and a one year warranty on the cabinet.
  • Covers should be built to withstand the effects of sun and weather, saving energy with a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Arcticpac Insulation retains heat, keeping the spa energy-efficient and the water at a tropical temperature.
  • The heater has kilowatts ranging from 1.4 kW @ 120 V for North America (60 Hz) (519P Only) to 2.0 kW @ 240 V for Export (50 Hz).
  • Grandwood Cabinets - Beautiful Grandwood, long live, brings years of maintenance-free life to your home. Maintenance-free cabinetry is not likely to decay, rust, stain, deteriorate or require replacement. Colors: Taupe, Java, White, Black Charcoal, Sequoia, Antique.
  • Stainless Steel Jets - For such groundbreaking planes, treat yourself to the ultimate massage. This revolutionary concept incorporates strong jets that ease muscle tightness and relief, burning off stress and discomfort in just minutes.
  • Filtration System (50 Sq. Ft. Filter) removes contaminants such as dirt, metals, and oil as water passes through the filter. 
  • South Seas Spas Standard 12 V SPA Light models come with a 12 V Spa Light, illuminating the water with a pleasant light. Not available on Deluxe models.
  • Optional Feature available is the stereo Bluetooth media system with patio speakers. 

South Seas Spa Models:

  • The Kona - For such groundbreaking planes, treat yourself to the ultimate massage. This revolutionary concept incorporates strong jets that ease muscle tightness and relief, burning off stress and discomfort in just minutes.
  • The Fiji - Fiji offers you loads of opportunities to enjoy with the visitors or single. This Tropic Seas Spa is built for you to settle back, relax, and indulge with numerous jet arrangements and transparent barrier seating.
  • The Lanai - After a long day, the Lanai hydrotherapy jet machine will consume the aching muscles. In this relaxing healing space, the carefully positioned jets calm and from the neck and back to the legs and feet release tense muscles.
  • The Maui - No one has to remind you exactly how crucial it is for you to find the time. Give away the tension and concerns when sitting in your own personal lounger or enjoying the free seating. This spa has excellent features that can suit indoors or outdoors, in limited or larger spaces.
  • The Rio - It has been proven that hydrotherapy revitalizes the body and mind, tends to repair damaged tissue and relieves aches and pains. In your Rio salon, you will appreciate the end of an exercise, when the hot water and massaging jets soothe sore muscles and regenerate tissue.
  • The Tonga - Is the newest member of the Tropic Seas line. Through time you indulge yourself in its warm and welcoming water, this successful spa concept can whisk you away into a sea of luxury.  When you're trying to rest, unwind or just even spend those extra moments loving your significant other or family's business, then look no further than the Tonga.
  • The Waikiki -Melt away muscle pain with a strong relaxation the personal lounger allows for. Its salon seating and five separate setups for relaxation, this spa is ideal for a family searching for a break without moving outside the backyard.

These models have durable and functional Synthetic Spa Steps for making your Artesian Spa easier to access. Available in Grey, Java, Black, and Taupe.

More about Spa Bros in Lehi

As their name implies, The Spa Bros have a passion for spas. Their goal is to deliver the best standard spas and service at the lowest possible amount. 

Spa Bros are the only Tropic Sea Spas dealer in Utah. Their selection of Tropic Sea Spas is because of their excellent craftsmanship and longevity, backed by one of the most detailed assurances in the industry, as shown above.

Service is something The Spa Bros does not want to compromise on. Through all the measures will lead you to become a happy spa user. You will find the dream spa and enjoy each moment relaxing and regenerating. The Spa Bros are here to support you.

They do appreciate how difficult it can be to have a request for a service and be told you may have to wait for a week or more. That is why they have a track record of delivering the quickest possible service. For more information, call today.

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