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Have you ever asked yourself where to find the Best Solar System Provider in Los Angeles Near Me? Looking for the cheapest solar panels and installation in Los Angeles? While more and more solar energy equipment and systems dealers and solar energy suppliers have launched their businesses, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are all the same. What are their fees? What level of solar energy expertise do they have when comes to residential and commercial properties? For this reason we have set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. After careful consideration, here is our choice.

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When you are considering purchasing a solar electrical system, you must realize that it must have full exposure to sunlight before you begin the installation. What this essentially means is, the entire solar panel has to be in an area where the sunlight can shine on the solar panels for them to function correctly. If the sunlight is plentiful, the entire system can be installed entirely with only a few critical components along with identifying how much power the structure will need as well as how much of a financial obligation will be necessary. Below are the four essential pieces of equipment used when installing a solar energy system.

Solar Panels in Los Angeles

Solar panels are the most critical part of the solar energy installation. The solar panel’s primary function is to capture the energy that is coming from the sun and transfer it into the power needed to operate the home or building. A standard solar panel is made up of a layer of silicon cells, a metal frame, a glass frame, and many wiring components that allow current to travel from the silicon cells. The silicon first absorbs the sunlight and then transforms it into energy. When the silicon cells and sunlight begin working with one another, electrons start to move which in turn sparks the electric current flow. This process is known as the “photovoltaic effect” which ideally describes the overall functionality of the technology of the solar panel industry.

Solar Array Mounting Racks in Los Angeles

Solar panels are initially installed and joined together in what are called arrays. The arrays are usually done in one of the three following ways, on a roof, free standing on poles, or directly on the ground. 

  • The roof-mounted system is more commonly used for installation purposes but this process does require zoning ordinances, and some of the major concerns with this type of installation include, maintenance and snow removal for high roofs. 
  • Free standing pole mounted arrays are much easier to maintain. Their height can be adjusted when the installation is in a large enough area. 
  • Ground solar systems are low and very easy to install. Do not install Ground solar systems in areas with consistent snow. The amount of space should be considered here as well.

Array DC Disconnect in Los Angeles

The arrays of a solar panel installation produce DC (direct current) power. The Array DC Disconnect safely disconnects the solar arrays to perform the needed maintenance efficiently. 


The power supply used in the home is AC (alternating current) for the appliances within it and the solar panel produce DC (direct current) power to make them function. An inverter has to be installed to convert the DC power to AC power. This process allows DC power of the solar panels to produce the AC power needed to supply the appliances.


Batteries are another piece of equipment used in solar panel installation that also has a critical value. The battery is what discharges and recharges the energy several times throughout the day. So, if by chance the sun is not shining a majority of the day, the battery storage will continue to supply an adequate and consistent flow of power. Include specific options with precise specifications when you’re making comparisons on your solar battery options. What is the life span of the battery and how much power can it produce?

Power, Utility, and Kilowatt Meters

When systems are using a utility grid, the power meter measures the amounts of power coming from the utility grid. For the power systems used to sell the power utility, the power meter will also measure how much power the solar system sends to the grid.

Backup Generator

The backup generator is not tied directly to the utility grid. Its primarily used to provide power to the system during the periods when the weather is poor, or there is a high household demand. The homeowners who concerned about the effects on the environment from the generators can install an alternative that operates with fuel like biodiesel instead of petroleum gas.

Breaker, AC, and Circuit Breaker Panels

The breaker power equipment which houses the electrical circuits connects the power source. A circuit is a continuous pathway of wire that connects the lights and outlets within the electrical system. Every circuit has a circuit breaker assigned to it which will prevent appliances on a given circuit from pulling too much energy which could potentially lead to fire hazard. The circuit breaker will switch off or trip if the appliances are taking in too much energy.

Charge Controller

The charge controller maintains and regulates the proper amount of charging voltage in the solar energy system’s batteries. An ongoing voltage can overcharge a battery. The charge controller regulates the voltage thereby preventing overcharging and allowing the proper amount of charging when needed. 

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