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Are you looking for the Best Screen Printing Bristol England UK in 2019? For people and business looking for professional screen printing, choosing a company can be a little overwhelming. There are many factors to consider in screen printing projects: "What projects are best suited for screen printing?" "Are there limitations to sizes for screen printing?" "How important is the kind of equipment used for printing?" "How long can one expect screen printing to last?" These are just a few of the questions to consider. 

With this goal in mind, and after extensive research, we are pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Screen Printing, Bristol, England UK is:

Greyfield Screen Print Ltd
Roy Andrews
Unit 35a First Avenue
Westfield Ind Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Bristol England UK, BA34BS
+44 017-614-14884

What is screen printing, and how does it differ from other printing methods?

Screen printing has been around a long time, as far back as 950 AD. The basic concept of screen printing uses ink or paint, a screen, a design, and a surface to transfer the inked design to. This method of printing is popular in many different industries, from tee-shirts, custom clothing, canvas, posters, and artwork. It is also sometimes referred to as serigraphy or silkscreen printing.

One of the greatest advantages to screen printing is the ability to produce great colours, even on dark fabrics. It also allows the printer the capability to replicate the printing multiple times. So when a large number of custom clothing need a design printed - screen printing is the number one choice. Screen printing also allows for texturised effects in the printing process. 

There are other printing methods for apply ink or paint to fabric. One of those is digital printing, which is direct to garment process. It works much like an inkjet printer, in that it applies the ink directly to the fabric. Because it uses a computerised image rather than a stencil, it is best suited for producing high detail designs and photos. However, it does not provide as high intensity of colour as screen printing.

Another type of printing that is common on items like bags, hats, footwear (because of their shapes) is heat transfer. This method uses heat to transfer (or bind) a design to a fabric. Using a heat source, the design is pressed onto the fabric from a transfer paper which contains the design, which causes the design to stick to the fabric. This method works well for small projects and especially those requiring personalised printing. 

How do you choose the best screen printing company?

Consider at least these five questions when considering choosing a screen printing company for your next printing job.

1. Do you have the capability and capacity to produce my project order?

Some printing companies have different specializations, so find out what are the areas they provide printing in. Ask how many employees they have. To discover what capacity they have to produce your order ask about piece work capacity (how many units per hour) and do they produce the job "in-house" or does it have to be sent out for completion. These questions should give you an idea as to the ability to handle your size project.

2. Do you have a sample of the type of printing I'm requesting for my print job?

Often times, you can find a visual representation of a print. But, if you are requesting a large quantity job, you want to ask for a sample of their work on a similar type project. If possible, physically go to their shop to see the operation in person. Don't be afraid to ask for a tour to see them in operation. Often you can see multiple samples of their work by being at their location. 

3. Can you describe your typical workflow schedule for a project my size?

Commercial printing projects are deadline-oriented, so learning how a business schedule a project is important. You know a business is of a higher quality if they can immediately tell you how a typical project flows and what the normal time frames are. Knowing upfront what to expect will help both parties keep the project on track.

4. Do you have references I can contact and reviews I can read online?

Any reputable and quality screen printing company will gladly supply you with a list of references. Checking reviews online is another great source to help determine the quality and service of a company. If you want to have the best screen printing company, you need great answers to questions like: "how quickly did they return any calls or messages?" "How did they resolve any problems that occurred?" " would you recommend them to a friend or another business?"

By taking some time and finding the answers to these questions, will give you the information you need. You will find the best screening printing company to determine if they can help you. 

More about Roy Andrews and Greyfield Screen Print Ltd

Founded in 1994 and based in Bath, Greyfield Screen Print produces high quality printed point-of-sale materials for clients all over the UK. Greyfield is dedicated to delivering superb screen printing and helpful, reliable customer service. Quality printing is about more than having the right equipment. It requires expertise, attention-to-detail, and commitment to the highest standards – and our team of six dedicated print professionals fit this bill perfectly. Greyfield provides silk screen printing and digital printing, poster printing, laminating, and in-house finishing department. Contact Roy at Greyfield for a free printing quote for your printing needs.

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