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Are you looking for the Best Safety Consultants in Calgary in 2019? Ever asked where are the best Safety Consultants near me? While there are many safety consultant companies throughout Calgary, they all have their safety consult experience, and safety training programs similarly designed. For this reason, we have set out to help you choose the best one to meet your needs. What courses do they offer? What experience do they have? How flexible are they and much more? After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Safety Consultants in Calgary AB Canada is to be determined::

They are there to assist in the following ways:

By keeping the work environment safe, a company can avoid accidents, decrease downtime, and reduce worker’s compensation rates.

Assessing the risks of the workplace environment would be a reason to have a safety consultant. The safety consultant’s role is to promote a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. Safety consultants can inspect and advise to ensure the workplace complies with federal, state and local safety codes.

A qualified safety consultant will identify possible risks and work with the company to develop solutions to eliminate those risks. Safety consultants can also train key personnel to ensure ongoing best practices when it comes to workplace safety.

Are you an employee and feel your safety is in jeopardy? Safety consultants will listen to employees and analyze the environment to confirm any validity about the complaints. If complaints are valid, the safety consultant together with the company will produce a plan to eliminate the hazard.

Two basic categories of hazard:


These hazards have a distinct and immediate impact. Hazards that are quickly seen usually after exposures to fairly high levels of concentrations of hazardous substances. Some acute effects may be an irritation to skin, burns, allergic reactions and fever and lethal concentration.


Chronic hazards have a more hidden, cumulative, long term impact. It is a substance that can damage health over a long period, after continuous or repeated exposures. They usually develop slowly. For instance, you are working in an environment with asbestos. Breathing small amounts of asbestos fibers month after month, year after year, you increase your chances of developing an asbestos disease, such as lung cancer, which is a chronic effect.

There are Six (6) types of hazards:

  • Physical – Slippery floors, objects in walkways, unsafe or misused machinery, excessive noise, poor lighting, fire.
  • Chemical – Gases, dusts, fumes, vapors and liquids.
  • Ergonomic – poor design of equipment, workstation design, (postural) or workflow, manual handling, repetitive movement.
  • Radiation – Microwaves, infra-red, ultraviolet, lasers, X-rays and gamma rays.
  • Psychological – Shiftwork, workload, dealing with the public, harassment, discrimination, threat of danger, constant low-level noise, stress.
  • Biological – Infection by bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites through a cut, insect bite, or contact with infected persons or contaminated object

It is imperative that a company take precautions by providing their employees with the best and safest environment to work. As an employee take precautions also.  Be proactive when it comes to your health and safety in the workplace. Protect you and your family.