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Are you looking for the Best Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville, FL in 2019? In the roofing business, contractors come with a variety of experience and expertise. There are key questions you need to ask to find the best contractor for your roofing needs. So here at, we compiled a short list of questions and information to assist you. Here's where to start: "Do you specialize in residential or commercial roofing?" "How long have you been in business in the area?" "Do you have a list of referrals that can be contacted?" "Are you insured?" "What kind of warranty or guarantee do you provide?" "Do you provide a free estimate?"

Upon review and consideration, here's our choice:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville FL is:

G. D. Griffith Roofing Inc
5616 Ramona Boulevard
Jacksonville FL USA, 32205
(305) 588-8874

Understanding When to Repair or Replace Your Home's Roof

At some point, every property owner has to decide about their roof. Are the issues and damages okay to simply fix, or does the entire roof require replacement? If your roof is past a particular age, is it alright to repair? Or how do you know when it is time for a brand new roof? These are all typical questions that homeowners all over have to handle at one time or another.

Your roof isn't like other renovations you make to your home. The condition of your roof affects every space in your house. While you may be tempted to take care of roofing issues yourself - it is not a do-it-yourself type project. Numerous safety issues are involved, as well as proper application processes. For these factors, it is necessary to take roofing problems seriously and acquire professional insights whenever problems with roofing arise.

Indications You Might Need Roof Repair or Replacement

Loose or Missing Shingles

A few loose or missing shingles are typically nothing to worry about. Shingles are simple to replace so repairing issues like this are quite easy and in many cases can be done inexpensively by a roofing company.

If you have a lot of shingles missing from a large area, your roof is beyond the help of a few minor repairs and needs replacement by a roofer. Likewise, if there are granules of shingle product in your seamless gutters, this is a sign of advanced wear and suggests that it is time to replace your roof.

Leaky Areas

If you observe a couple of minor leaky spots, these can likewise be repaired and be done immediately by a qualified roofer. The slightest amount of water can spread out and trigger truly bad and costly problems. Dark or tarnished spots are signs of more substantial water damage. It is highly recommended that you contact a qualified roofer to get leaks repaired, so the problem does not intensify.


Sagging or bulging areas on your roof is usually an indication that your roof requires immediate attention. These are the indications that your roof might be on the verge of collapsing. For issues, this major, do not delay in calling a roofing company and having your roof replaced as quickly as possible. 


Usually, if your roof is over 20 years old, it is either time for a new roof, or it is getting extremely close. Particular roofing products are exempt from this rule, nevertheless. Tile, metal, or concrete roofing systems almost never ever need to be changed other than in case of comprehensive damage. Of course, it takes a lot to harm metal or concrete roof.

A reputable roofing company should provide you with certain industry standard practices because a roof replacement can be expensive. So here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

1. A roof inspection with pictures.
2. A written repair or replacement quote
3. A time table for the job to be completed.
4. A written guarantee and warranty policy.
5. Proof of insurance.
6. A list of references that can be contacted.
7. Check online reviews on the company's website and social media accounts, and with your local Better Business Bureau.
8. Ask if they have received any training certificates issued by shingle manufactures.

More about G. D. Griffin Roofing Inc.

In the Jacksonville Florida area, you can turn to G. D. Griffith Roofing Inc. to assist you with an evaluation of your roof. If you have experienced any recent storms that you suspect may have caused any damage, contact this family-owned company to receive assistance in determining the condition of your roof. Their knowledgeable staff is ready to provide you with a detailed analysis of your situation. 

G. D. Griffith Roofing Inc provides the following services and products:

-Roof Repairs
-New Roof installations,
-Replacing Damaged Roofs
-Flat or Slanted Roofs-High
-Quality and Durable Roofing Materials
-Shingles: Asphalt, Metals, Rubber, Shakes, Slate, Tiles

Contact G. D. Griffith Roofing or one of the roofing specialist.
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