Find the Best Real Estate Condos in Calgary 2019 Local Realtor Near Me


Are you looking to find the Best Real Estate Condos in Calgary in 2019? Ever ask where is the  best local condo realtor near me? There are over 2500 vacancies in Calgary as of the writing of this article. For this reason, we have set out to help you in choose the best Real Estate Condo Agent and Agency to help you find the best condo to meet your needs. What kind of condo are you looking for? What experience does the realtor have in helping their customers find the right condo in Calgary? After careful consideration, here is our choice.

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What are condos or condominium? 

They are homes owned by an individual or family in share buildings or stand-alone properties. Regardless of the style of the condo, they all share common areas on their properties or within their communities that they do not have to maintain themselves, but pay for the maintenance by way of a condo fee. 

  • Yards, 
  • Garages, 
  • Recreation Rooms
  • Gyms
  • Swim Clubs
  • Community Centers

Do you know what style of condo you are looking for?

  • Apartment-style
  • Bungalow Style
  • Townhouse Style
  • Single-Family Communities

Where do you want to be located?

  • Water View
  • Golf Course
  • Within a Community of Single Homes
  • Within a Community of Town Homes
  • Hi-Rise

What are your purchase options?

  • New Condos
  • Reduced Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Short Sales

Here are five things to consider before buying your condo:

  1. Purchasing a condo is less expensive than buying your own house and property. When you buy your condo, you are only purchasing the living space, not the property. Condo living works for individuals who do not want to worry about maintaining the upkeep of the surrounding property.
  2. Purchasing a condo does not mean you do not have any responsibility for the maintenance of the property, because you pay a Condo Membership fee. A Home Owners Association's Board of Directors run the condo, and they are responsible for hiring contractors to maintain the landscape and any community buildings or shared space on the property.
  3. Your amenities such as swimming pools, garage, tennis courts, and golf course are perks that you receive without having to pay individually for the high cost of being a member of each entity.
  4. The advantage of living in a condominium community is the social interaction you have with other individuals and families. Of course, the downside is the lack of privacy because of the proximity of your neighbors.
  5. When selecting a condo community, review the Homeowner Association fees and their rules for establishing and governing the maintenance and upkeep. You should be allowed to ask if there are any outstanding maintenance issues which will be imposed after you purchase your condo.

A condo can be a good option for retirees or a disabled person who can't manage a whole house. Because of the quick approval process, condos are also great options for first-time home buyers. 

Always do your homework. To determine the market value of the condo, check the sales prices of condos of similar size, age, location—and those that have the same maintenance fees.