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Are you looking for the Best Real Estate Agent in Knoxville TN in 2019? Please know that not all real estate agents offer the same level of quality, reliability, expertise, or dedication. Which ones can you rely on confidently? What criteria should you use in determining the best real estate agent to insure you’ll find the home of your dreams? It is our goal to do the evaluation process for you and determine which realtor most deserves your trust and our recommendation. With this in mind, and after careful consideration, we are very pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Real Estate Agent in Knoxville TN in 2019 is:

3302 Whittle Springs Road

Knoxville TN USA, 37917

Ask for Cassidy
(865) 321-8999

Looking to Sell Your Home?

Real estate agents will have double duty when comes to selling your existing home and, in most cases, help you purchase your new home. This is tricky because of the timing. The realtor has to find a buyer for your existing home, schedule the closing, and then make settlement on your new home. What are your options if the timing is off? The best real estate agent is experienced in handling this situation and will know how to guide you through these transactions. But what if your real estate transaction cannot follow the traditional process?

Do you have to sell your home fast?

Unfortunately, life happens. Are you facing foreclosure, job transfer or major change in your life that causes the need to sell your home faster than you would like? You need the new breed of real estate agents who specialize in “cash” purchase homes. Sometime, three-day settlements. 

You’ve seen the signs on the side of the road and on telephone poles. It’s hard to get that comfortable feeling to pick up the phone and call a complete stranger, isn’t it? 

Questions run through your mind wanting to trust your good luck for seeing their sign. But you wonder. Are these people listed in the Better Business Bureaus? Are they legit? Will they give you the price you need or will they undercut what you would receive with some other agency.

Perfect example of why a cash purchase of the property you wish get rid of works.

The home was the father's home who passed away six months ago. The home had been severely flooded by a hurricane and was approximately 75% restored. The home had also been incumbered by a reverse mortgage. In this case, the reverse mortgage company was very difficult to work with. The solution to the problem was to find a cash buyer for the property.

More reasons to sell:

Here are just some of the reasons people sell to cash home buyers:

  • Want to unload a rental property with problem renters.
  • Relocating or job transfer.
  • Going through a divorce.
  • Falling behind on mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure.
  • Not wanting to deal with a structural or repair issues.
  • Simply moving, but not wanting to mess with repairs, painting, or cleaning.

More About Volhomes the Best Real Estate Agent in Knoxville, TN.

That is why we went through our evaluation process and selected Volhomes as Best Real Estate Agent in Knoxville. They focus exclusively on fast purchases. If you worked with an agent and was unable to sell your home or any property because of the condition it is in, they can help. If you inherited property that is just too much work to fix up and sell, they can help. 

Volhomes can help you sell your house fast if it needs repairs, is in foreclosure or probate, or has title issues. They will make you a cash offer and be prepared to close whenever you are ready to sell the property. Their track record speaks for itself. Contact them if you are in a bind and need to sell quickly. Lift the burden today.

Best Real Estate Agent in Knoxville TN