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Are you looking for the Best Public Speaker Teacher in San Francisco, CA? Are there individuals who locally who can teach you to become a great Public Speaker? What essential skills required to be a Successful Professional Public Speaker? It is our mission to help you find this individual in San Francisco.

For your consideration, we studied the requirements and now present to you:

SmartGuy® Best Professional Public Speaker in San Francisco, CA:

Star Maker for Speakers
Elizabeth Bachman
2261 Market Street #204
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 967-1014

Great public speakers are not born; they are molded by professional speaker teachers who have mastered the craft of public speaking.

What are the essential skills of a Professional Public Speaker?

1. Must be passionate about the topic. 
By demonstrating their enthusiasm for the subject, the presenter reassures you they have not only done their homework, but they have a working knowledge of the chosen topic.

2. Must show compassion toward their audience.
They are skilled at learning who their audience is and will empathize with their needs to be informed and educated.

3. Must Be a Target Specific Marketer.
The Professional Public Speaker evaluates the topics they are passionate about and identify which ones audiences are willing to pay to hear and learn more about the subject.

4. Must be able to adjust and customize their presentation.
They have carefully researched the problems of the specific audience to motivate, captivate, and persuade them to make a change in their behavior and help them move forward.

5. Must have exceptional presentation tools.
The Professional Public Speaker must keep up-to-date with technology. They will use Sell Sheets with their personal and professional information; audio and video and well versed with podcasting and hosting live video classes online.

6. Must be prepared to offer their products on and off-site.
Learning how to sell from the stage, they will offer their products available to you using the "back of the room" sales method. They should also have their products and more about their services available on their home on the internet, their website. It can be a one-page landing pager or a Blog site with multiple education articles and products available for sale.

7. Must be a person who has an attitude to serve their clients.
The Professional Public Speaker adopts the attitude of service. Everything they produce and provide should be created to benefit their clients, satisfy their needs, wants, and potential problem situations.  

8. Must accept they are a business person.
A business person has a system in place to book leads and sales in a business-like fashion with a fast and responsible turnaround. They have trained themselves to be responsive, concerned, friendly, and consistent in how they interact with their clients.

9. Ultimately, the Professional Public Speaker has to be a Great Speaker.
They practice continually strive to be even better than their last presentation. They are consistent in wanting to improve their delivery, content, and knowledge. When they speak, their eyes seem to meet the audience participant, as if they are talking directly to them.

These are just a few of the essential skills a Professional Public Speaker must possess. All of these skills can be taught by someone who for many years, has specialized in teaching their clients to become Star Speakers.

More about Elizabeth Bachman and Star Maker for Speakers

Elizabeth Bachman is a VIP Speaker Trainer and is passionate about helping individuals desiring to be Great Public Speakers become even greater than they ever dreamed they could be.  Her VIP Mentoring program teaches Teaching Presentation Skills. Elizabeth specializes in helping speakers develop their Signature Speech.

Elizabeth is an award-winning contributing author to the international best-seller "Messages That Matter," as well as the creator of "How to Get Booked as a Speaker: Taking Your Show on the Road" – the ultimate guide to filling your calendar with lucrative speaking gigs. 

Her resume will show she has helped executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors master a message increases their opportunities for funding, allies, and pubic recognition. Elizabeth works with her clients to develop the right strategy, script, and style to motivate, captivate, and move an audience to take the desired action. 

In her Teaching and VIP Mentoring Program, Elizabeth presents the following learning opportunities to her clients:

  • Speaker Training
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Management Communications
  • Leadership Training
  • Getting Booked as a Speaker
  • Presenting as a Team
  • Storytelling
  • Crafting your Personal Brand 
  • Seminar Design

For more information about Speaker Training and her VIP Mentoring Program, contact Elizabeth Bachman today.

Best Public Speaking Teacher in San Francisco