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Are you looking for the best Pizzeria Restaurant in Rio Rancho? Looking for that special satisfaction of New York Style Pizza and great pasta in Rio Rancho? Is it possible to get great New York Style Pizza outside New York?

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SmartGuy® 2019 Best Pizza Restaurant in Rio Rancho New Mexico is:

Aldo’s New York Style Pizzeria
1690 Rio Rancho Boulevard Southeast
Rio Rancho NM USA, 87124
(505) 892-2026

What is New York Style Pizza?

The New York-style evolved from the Neapolitan-style Pizza brought Pizza to NYC by immigrants in the early 1900s. Gennaro Lombardi opened the first Neapolitan-style Pizza Parlor in the Little Italy section of Manhattan in 1905. 

The New York-style pizza has slices larger and broader than the average Pizza and with a thin crust. Even though the typical way to eat Pizza is to fold and eat.  It is topped with mozzarella cheese and desirable extra toppings.  

NY-Style Pizza is usually sold by the slice to busy customers needing a quick eat on lunch or dinner break. It can also be brought as a whole pie. It is typically larger than regular pizzas - 18 inches. 

The traditional way to cook a New York-style pizza is in a coal-fired oven. Several modern pizzerias have switched to gas ovens. 

Some Notes about the Ingredients

Despite today's "Vegetarian/Gluten-Free" meal choices, New York-Style pizza may contain ingredients that go against that trend. Sugar and olive oil is added to high-gluten bread flour, yeast, and water to create the hand-tossed dough. 

What is the difference between the New York Style and Neapolitan Sauce?

  • New York Style sauce is heavily-seasoned cooked tomato sauce versus uncooked crushed tomatoes and salt. 
  • New York Style Pizza uses grated mozzarella instead of sliced.
  • New York Style sauce generally consists of olive oil, canned tomatoes, garlic, sugar, salt and spices such as oregano, basil, and crushed red pepper

Some pizzerias are catering to the "gluten-free" customers. So don't be surprised if you find a "Gluten-Free" New York-Style pizza.

Choice of 12" small (serves 2, 113 sq in), 16" large (serves 3-4, 200 sq in), sicilian 12"x16" (serves 4-5, 192 sq in), 24" party pizza (serves 6-8, 452 sq in), sicilian party 16"x24" (serves 8-10, 384 sq in), or 10.5" small gluten free.

What do people like best about Pizzerias?

  • They love great Pizza with fresh toppings. 
  • They love a thin crispy crust.
  • They also want a pizzeria that offers a variety of dishes in addition to the Pizza.

More about Aldo's New York Style Pizzeria

Aldo's New York Style Pizzeria is a privately held company in Rio Rancho, NM. It was established in 2001 by Aldo Venturino.

Aldo's has the best Pizza, and Pasta dishes prepared fresh daily-- serving the Rio Rancho community. They have built up a reputation for preparing and serving the highest quality food in their community of Rio Rancho. They have speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

It is their promise "to maintain the same high-quality operation to serve you in the future." 

Best Pizza Restaurant in Rio Rancho