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Searching for the best Online TV Alternative to Cable in Seattle, WA in 2019? Want to Save money using Live streaming TV in Seattle near me? 

This is our choice after careful consideration:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Envy TV in Seattle, WA, is:

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Most monthly cable services offer good selections of services but at high monthly prices. Envy TV, in addition to providing cheaper monthly fees, does not hold you prisoner because of [due to an early cancellation fee. Their streaming TV subscription gives you access to over 1,000 channels to choose from. You can connect to up to 3 household devices, and in addition to cheaper month-to-month streaming TV service fees, you can earn financial rewards. More on that later.

Envy TV? Why this Streaming TV Service?

As said before, with Envy TV service, for the one low monthly price, you get access to over 1,000 live streaming entertainment channels. And there's more:

-It only costs $49.97 per month.

-Easy to set up with the Plug & Play Technology.

-No long-term contract; you pay a fixed month-to-month until you decide to cancel.

-There aren't any activation fees or cancellation fees.

-No need to endure a credit check.

-No appointments are necessary, and you download the Envy TV app.

Are the 1,500 plus channels just domestic, or can I get International Channels too?

You have a choice of over 1,500 International and Domestic channels. Envy TV is growing, and they are continually adding and upgrading more channels to add to their vast selection.

What kind of television entertainment channels can I get?

HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ, are led the pack for Premium Channels. Envy TV has a host of Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Events. You won't miss a sporting event because EnvyTV has NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and many, many, more.

Are there any hidden fees that are going to appear? 

None. $49.97 is an all-inclusive fee paid month-to-month.

What equipment is necessary for this live TV streaming service?

Several internet providers offer you DSL, but you need fast internet service. DSL is just too slow for effective live streaming. Even with fast internet service, there is no promise of consistent speed. If you live in an area where, because of high usage, your internet provider may limit your speed, then your streaming quality may slow down. Envy TV’s Mbps speeds range between 15 – 35. We suggest that the most prudent internet service plan to obtain should have a speed between 50-70 Mbps. This range works well because, if during high volume times, your internet service speed drops; your picture quality may also diminish. With Envy TV ... no worries. Envy TV has a monitoring system which deals with the high usage times of the day.

Can I Get Rid of the Cable Cord?

Yes! No cable box or Converter box is ever needed. Envy TV transmits its signal in two ways. You can use the Envy TV web portal or buy a device like a Firestick or the Fire TV Stick. Both the Firestick or Fire TV Stick is 1-time purchases. You can obtain them online from Amazon, or at a local store like Best Buy. Firesticks and Fire TV Sticks are available in vending machines at airports. Envy TV removes your expensive monthly cable bill.

Are mobile devices the only options?

No. You are not limited to just mobile devices. However, you should probably check your internet speed on each of your mobile devices. Great news. You can use the Envy TV app on laptop computers, tablets, smartphones (Android and IOS) Mac, Apple, PC, and most Android 6.0 + devices.

Am I able to record live streaming channels?

The ability to be recording live stream tv programs depends on whether or not you are using the Fire TV Stick. Most users use theirs to capture their favorite shows to watch later — there can be minimal recordings using the Firestick through Envy TV's internet streaming service. The Envy TV app is not a DVR. It was designed to facilitate live TV streaming.

I have a cable/satellite service. Do I have to cancel my provider to go with Envy TV?

No. You merely need internet service for live tv streaming with the Envy TV app. You can reduce your cable/satellite service by informing them that you only need the internet option. You aren't canceling your service; you are modifying your package.

What does it mean... Envy TV Pays not Costs?

Envy TV has a referral program. If you recommend Envy TV to family, friends or co-workers, you receive a $10 per month referral bonus. The referral bonus is paid each month the household remains a paying member. When you refer five paying members; you receive a $50 1-time bonus. This is what we mean by "Envy TV Pays...Not Costs." Your monthly $49.95 charge is negated by the $10 per month referral bonus. But wait. If you continue referring to new customers, you continue to earn $$.

Why is Envy TV so reasonable?

Two words – "low overhead." 

There is no sales force, office buildings throughout the world to maintain, no advertising costs and no technical staff to pay for installation or troubleshooting appointments — no cables or wires to install. You obtain live tv streaming programming through the internet.

I travel often; can I take my service with me?

Yes. Envy TV enables you to watch your streaming channels anywhere in the world. Plug your unit into an HDMI port on your TV that has internet access. No matter where you find yourself, as long as you have access to the internet, you have available streaming TV service.

Can I earn bonuses for introducing people to Envy TV?

Yes. Money is waiting for you. Introduce your family, friends, and others you meet in your travels to Envy TV. You can build a vibrant home-based business as an Affiliate Partner. Ask your local Envy TV representative here in Seattle as to how to get started.

More About Envy TV in Seattle, WA

New Service Team encourages its customers to save money and share this wonderful opportunity with others so they can make extra money and save on monthly bills. Their affiliate program is easy to do because there is nothing physical to purchase, store, or sell. Envy TV partners do not have monthly quotas challenging them each month. Build a lucrative business at your pace. Control your growth by setting reachable goals. Build relationships with friends who become business partners.

As your business grows, you have the chance to spend more time with your family. You can set your hours. Contact your Seattle Envy TV representative and hear their testimony and find out about real stories from their partners.

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