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Are you searching to find the Best Network Marketing Training Programs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2019? Want the best MLM programs in Fort Lauderdale? Over the years, more companies have opted help individuals build their own businesses from home. What type of training do they offer? How long does it take to get up to speed on the products and services? Are their companies who take the time to training their network marketing independent representatives and affiliate members? We set out to research and find the Best Network Marketing Training organization. After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Network Marketing Training in Ft. Lauderdale FL is to be determined:

History of Network Marketing

In accumulating material for this article, I investigated a number of articles which argued who introduced Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing. Some went as far back as 1860s.

Henry Heintz (1860)

was first company to employee over 400 salesmen who earned a commission by selling products to their customers. But the what was not clear was whether his salesmen also had an incentive to recruit other salesmen and receive a commission on their first or subsequent sales. By definition, if they did not, this was not the MLM structure. 

JR Watkins Medical Company (1868)

Then there was J. R. Watkins Medical Company who in 1868 hired salesmen who sold their products directly to consumers, earned commissions on the sales and also earned commissions for recruiting other salesmen. Today JRWatkins, Inc. is still a viable company with their legions of Watkins Consultants selling their environmentally friendly home products.

Nutrilite (1945)

The most popular argument for the first Multi-Level Marketing company is Nutrilite, originally known as the California Vitamin Company, developed by Carl F. Rehnborg selling vitamins door-to-door. In 1949, 

Amway (1949)

Amway founded by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, by exclusively selling Nutrilite and other household products followed.

Training Challenges of the Independent Consultant

So, for over 150 years, individuals have built homebased businesses selling other company’s products and services. They have been able to learn the nuances of the products in order to sell to their families, neighbors and friends. However, during the early rise of Multi-Level and Network Marketing, most folk had to find their own way to learn the secrets of not only finding customers but building a team to work with them and grow their businesses. This took a certain kind of skill sets; Business training, management of people, presentation skills and more. 

Recognizing the  Need for Specialized Training

Today, we have the Best Network Marketing Training Programs company prepared to bring you in to the world of independent entrepreneurial lifestyles. 

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And so on and so on…

The questions being asked is, “What do I need to know to be successful at Network Marketing?” We found the company with Best Network Marketing Training Programs.