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Are you looking for the BEST moving service in Plano, TX? Is hiring a mover who treats your TREASURES as if they were their own, vital to you? Professional moving services of Plano take pride in transitioning your TREASURES safely & securely. 

For your consideration, we present to you…

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Moving Company in Plano, Texas, is:

Glenda Smith Movers
Glenda Smith
Plano TX USA, 75075
(469) 774-7961

The BEST full-service movers can handle all aspects of your move. You can enjoy the process as they move your items from one location to the next. It's a great option for those who do not wish to move themselves.

What services should you expect?

Everything that is associated with the move should include:

  • Packing Supplies
  • Packing
  • Disassemble/disconnect
  • Load
  • Transporting
  • Unloading
  • Reassemble/reconnect
  • Unpacking, set up & placement of your items & boxes

We take time you deserve to explain what comes with any package selected, including pricing estimates.

More about Glenda Smith and Glenda Smith Movers

Glenda Smith is the owner of Glenda Smith Movers. She offers moving with "The Gentle Touch of a Lady." Her Mission Statement is "Integrity, Sincerity, and Commitment to your having a safe, complete move, without stress and worry." Glenda Smith Movers are experienced and confident. They have a 33-year track record of satisfied customers. 

Glenda's expertise, as a licensed real estate broker/owner, helps her understand the need for a prompt/timely move. 

The following are helpful tips from Glenda Smith Movers:

  1. Have your mail forwarded to your new address
  2. Begin writing your change address notices
  3. Begin to eliminate items in your freezer
  4. Clean your rugs and carpet
  5. Get rid of unwanted goods in a garage sale or toss them
  6. Make sure you remove fuel from all lawn equipment
  7. Eliminate flammables
  8. Keep your passports and important items accessible
  9. Organize books and valuable papers
  10. Check your electrical equipment to ensure they will work in your new home
  11. Examine and determine what clothing will come with you or will be given to charity
  12. Pack cherished children's toys where they are easily retrieved
  13. Notify friends and relatives of your new address
  14. Decide if you need temporary storage
  15. Schedule cut off dates for utilities
  16. Update pet records.
  17. Explore your new community and research local schools, shops, and theaters.
  18. Place marriage, birth certificates, driving licenses in a safe, marked container for easy access.
  19. If possible, place electrical goods such as TVs, stereos, clocks, remotes, computers in their original boxes
  20. Update financial accounts to reflect your new address 

Note: Household movers cannot move hazmat, firearms or alcohol.

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