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Are you searching for a part-time or full-time business opportunity that will give you security during an uncertain job market? Are you looking for the Best MLM Network Marketing Information Company in Newark, DE? Is it something you would like to explore? Would you like to be guided through your decision-making process?

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Smart Lifestyles Online
Deborah Smart
One Smart Lady Productions
200 Continental Drive - Suite 401
Newark DE 19702

There are many companies who rely on word of mouth marketing from team members who recruit their family and friends with hopes to grow a strong homebased business. Not everyone who signs on to a network marketing business also known as multi-level marketing because of the relationship structure.of the organization. The person who brings you into the company is called your Upline. You are downline to their organization which was built by other people introducing the business to their friend and family members with hopes of producing a monthly income to offset their paychecks.

The challenge is educating them in not only the products that are being sold but growing in their personal development as a marketing expert. This is the challenge of the person who sponsors you into the MLM, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing organization. All of these terms are given to companies whose commission structure is basically the same or similar. The only difference is the underlying goal of the company. Is it to reward their members for recruiting a large organization or downline? Or is it to help their members sell great products while building a large customer base in addition to recruiting a large organization or downline?

Here is a brief overview of three (3) different kinds of entries into the Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing Companies.

  • Organization #1: - Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing: Their sole purpose is to build a large organization from the top down; have their members pay a sign-up fee and require them to meet a certain point level in order to receive a commission by either purchasing the products themselves or selling to their customer base.
  • Organization #2: Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing: They require their members to process a one-time purchase a product in order to activate their membership. As their membership recruit others into the business, they receive a commission on their purchase of the product. 
  • Organization #3: Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing: These companies require their members to sign up and activate an account without having to pay anything upfront to qualify.

More about Deborah Smart and Smart Lifestyles Online

Deborah Smart is the founder of One Smart Lady Productions located in Newark. Since 2016, she has actively sought to learn Social Media and Digital Marketing in order to grow her multiple businesses which fall under the categories of Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. She has been successfully self-employed since 1985. Initially trained as a computer programmer, and a naturally gifted writer and storyteller, she brings these skills to the table as she builds her home on the internet.

She is an active member of a number of businesses that sell and promote products to help individuals and businesses grow and prosper. As a member of the SmartGuy Online Business Directory, it is her desire to educate and help individuals understand the process of starting a homebased business to run part-time or full-time.

For more information, reach out and contact her today to learn about the business she has been involved with over the past years.

Best MLM Network Marketing Information Company in Newark