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Are you dreading the process of obtaining Medicare Coverage? Is it time you look for the Best Medicare Insurance Information Provider in Salt Lake City, UT? Having access to a Medicare Advocacy service will help you navigate through the Medicare system in your community. 

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Medicare is the national health insurance system to which all holders of Social Security who are over the age of 65 or permanently disabled are entitled. Medicare can be overwhelming, even for people who know the health care system in our country. 

Here is some of what you should know about Medicare.

  • U.S. Citizenship or Legal Resident Status
  • Must be U.S. citizens or legal residents.
  • Legal residents must live in the U.S. for at least five years in a row, including the five years just before applying for Medicare.

You must also meet one of the following requirements:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Younger than 65 with a qualifying disability
  • Any age with a diagnosis of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Different Parts of Medicare Coverage

Medicare Coverage Option - Part A

Medicare Part A covers the hospital charges and many services you receive while you're admitted as an inpatient in the hospital. Part A may also help cover care in a skilled nursing facility, hospice care for the terminally ill, and some skilled in-home care for the homebound. 

Medicare Coverage Option - Part B

Medicare Part B includes doctor visits and medically-needed health care services. It also includes some spa and preventive care, such as flu shots. You can go to any eligible U.S. health care provider or doctor participating in the Medicaid system and accepting patients with Medicare. The following list shows examples of services covered by Part B:

Medicare Coverage Option - Part C

Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, is handled by private insurance companies that have arrangements with Medicare. 

Some Medicare Advantage plans encourage you to receive care from any Medicare-eligible provider that supports the plan's terms, conditions, and payment rates. Depending upon your Part C selection, there are two kinds of care plans, Coordinated and Non-Coordinated.

Medicare Advantage plans with coordinated care plans

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans
  • Point of Service (POS) plans
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans
  • Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

Medicare Advantage plans without coordinated care

  • Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plans
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans

Medicare Coverage Option - Part D

The federal government requires Medicare Part D plans to cover certain common types of drugs. Part D or Medicare Advantage plan may choose a different prescription drug it will cover for each condition. These may include pharmaceutical brand names and generic drugs. All Part D policies may not cover the particular medications which you take. You should check the medication list, or form, of each Part D program to see if your prescription drug is included.

Medicare Part D plans cover:

  • Specific types of pharmaceutical products most commonly prescribed for Medicare patients according to federal standards
  • Specific brand name and generic prescription medicines on the covered drug list or form of the plan

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans do not cover:

  • Medicine that is not on the plan's drug list
  • Medicine that is covered under Part A or Part B
  • Medicine excluded by Medicare

More about Lift Advocacy in Salt Lake City

Lift Advocacy wants you to exercise more leverage over Medicare when you try to understand Medicare before or after you enroll. Sometimes the more that you read, the more complicated the entire medicare program becomes.

You can't be sure how much time and effort it will take to grasp this, but you're afraid the worst case is likely. You worry you'd have to spend weeks memorizing terms and acronyms before everything starts making sense. This is why Lift Advocacy encourages you to speak to them about Medicare, and they will direct you to read and discuss the information if needed. You are in control of the subject matter. 

Lift Advocacy has two options:

  • Lift Advocacy will help you understand Medicare and help you be your own medicare agent. Once you learn how to make good decisions using the Medicare agents tools, you can enroll yourself in Medicare without salespeople. That is the way to do-it-yourself!
  • Lift Advocacy will help you identify a local Medicare agent and help you through the process. This medicare information advocate will help you separate the good agents from the bad.

You do not have to decide your course of action right away. Through talking to your Life Advocacy advisor, you can comprehend the pros and cons of both strategies.

Life Advocacy also has a service to help Independent Agents work through the Medicare maze of information with their clients.

So if you are pondering whether now is the time to start looking for a Medicare plan you don't have to put it off to the last minute. Contact Life Advocacy today.

Best Medicare Insurance Information in Salt Lake City.