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Looking to find the Best Marketing Services in Toronto ON Canada? Want an online advertising specialist in Toronto? Are you overwhelmed with the messages from SEO, Social Media Marketing experts flooding your email? How can you tell which one has the right tools for you to build your business? Are they cheap? Are they going to drain your pockets without producing results? For this reason, we set out to find the Best Marketing Service in the Toronto community. 

We are happy to introduce you to our selection:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Marketing Service in Toronto Ontario Canada is:

Bright Horse Marketing
Janice Tomchuk                   
Toronto ON, Canada V4T3G9           
(888)920-0784 Ext. 222

What Types of Marketing Services Does Bright Horse Provide?

Bright Horse provides its customers with proven and effective ad campaigns by using its 10X Retargeting Strategy to create ad designs, split-testing, and articulate ad placement to generate impressive results. When people visit your website, a small percentage (less than 4%) of those visitors may be willing to purchase your product or service the first time they land on your website. While other visitors may not be willing to make a purchase the first time but return later and buy after taking time to weigh their options in order to make a wise buying decision. Therefore, it is very important to capture their attention and engage with them when they come to your website.

10X Retargeting Ads Strategy

At Bright Horse Marketing, we generally begin using retargeting ads for the first 72 hours of potential buyers visiting your website. During this time period, we will implement targeted ad messaging to establish re-engagement with the visitors who may want to make a quick purchase. Bright Horse Marketing also provides a series of changing ads over the next 3 months in order to engage them with offers, reputation, and branding. The 10X retargeting strategy also allows us to generate response rates of 200-300% or above which is better than the industry average.

Reporting & Support

Campaign analytics is a very important part of evaluating the performance of an online strategy. We will supply you with transparent reports which provide you with a detailed look into the ad placements by website campaigns, impressions, clicks and retargeting. Audience awareness will build over time. For this reason, it not only important to be aware of the click-through-rate, but the delivery of impressions to your target audience.

Creative Design

Our dedicated design team is totally committed to creating eye-catching dynamic ads that will capture your unique brand and message. Not to mention, our tried and tested banner strategies that have been known to get our clients the desired results. All of our work is designed professionally and set up with the latest technologies. 

Our Guarantee

The service that Bright Horse Marketing provides does not guarantee sales or onsite conversions. However, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our work. In fact, at our own cost, we will replace up to 4 ad sets if your ads are not getting the responses you expect. At $697 per ad set, this is equivalent to an overall value of $2,788. We can even drill down within a few block radius in order to target a specific market if needed.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, we will give you access to our professional design team the will create a free banner ad for you. Just scroll down to the bottom of our website for more information about this exclusive offer.

More about Janice Tomchuk

Janice Tomchuk owner and founder of Bright Horse Marketing continues to search for new marketing tools to offer her clients and customers. Bright Horse Marketing believes that in order for a business to succeed, they must understand the importance of referrals. In Janice’s words, “they are the bread and butter of their business.” 

Ms. Tomchuk is always on the lookout for non-traditional marketing methods to help businesses grow. For more information about her many branding techniques and marketing tools contact Janice Tomchuk at Bright Horse Marketing.

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