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Are you looking for the best Marketing Resources in Savannah, GA? Is your purpose to have professional marketing resources provide expertise alternatives to what you are already doing to reach the new and existing residents of the Savannah community?

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Target Marketing Resources
Jim Waller
Savannah, GA 31406
(770) 400-0890

Advertising in your local market gets you much more success than any other type of advertising. 

Efficient ads reach out to future customers/clients and tell them of the goods or services. Advertisements must coordinate with certain marketing methods and business factors in order to be effective. Advertising needs to be interruptive — that is, it has to make you avoid thumbing through the papers or worrying about your day long enough to read or hear the message. It must always be authentic, distinctive and unforgettable in order to function.

To build a successful advertising campaign, you need to develop a solid marketing blueprint.

Here are four forms of community advertisement:

  • Social Media Advertisement - A well-placed ad in one of the nearby restaurants that your target buyers want to dine at, or a brief video on your website or Facebook page, or a gift card sent to a new visitor, will deliver you more sales than you can ever think. Your ad attracts a lot of exposure, so there is a better probability that what you have to say is just what consumers need or desire at this specific point in their lives.
  • Direct Mail Advertisement - New residents coming to your neighborhood are searching for a forum that provides them with valuable and insightful knowledge, motivation and tools of interest. Advertising specialties and promotional items announce products and services made ​available to the community in the form of gifts to new residents and current customers.
  • Video Advertisement - Videos in several formats (whiteboard, blackboard, cartoon, animation, real life, etc.) are available to help your website and social networking platform users become more acquainted with your brand. We also charge our marketers less, thereby offering more businesses the ability to deliver their valuable message to their consumers in a way that catches their attention. It will allow the prospects and consumers greater access to the promotions and valuable goods and services that our advertisers sell.
  • Message Boards - Relevant and insightful content, eye-catching easy-to-read advertisements and target-marketing delivery make High Impact Message Boards the most effective advertisement for local restaurant customers in the state. We give companies the ability to be exclusive advertisers in their category at our wide message boards in several of the most famous restaurants in the region.

More About Jim Waller and Target Marketing Resources in Savannah

Target Marketing Services is one of the most talked-about and respected regional local marketing experts in Georgia. It is really a communications tool of preference for our many customers.

In 1991, Jim Waller formed Target Marketing Resources as American Advertising, an organization with a clear strategy for neighborhood and specialty marketing. In December 2014, the organization modified its name to Target Marketing Services to underline the company's emphasis on reaching the different audiences that consumers seek to access across print and interactive channels. For over 28 years, we have been active in selling and advertising through direct mail, group newsletters, newspapers, blogs, and books.

Jim's vision is to offer high quality, engaging, and exciting content to communities around the World. Target Marketing expertise has built a consumer segment with immense brand awareness and market reach by incorporating superbly crafted programs and goods with a "targeted audience-centric" strategy. 

For more information about how you can get the word out about your local promotions, contact Jim Waller at Target Market Resources today.

Best Marketing Resources in Savannah 

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