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Are you looking for the best SmartGuy Marketing Consultant in San Bernardino, CA? Is getting on page one of Google, Yahoo, or other Search pages a number one priority? Is it essential for your company to stand out of the crowd? Wouldn't it be great for the results of their SEO search to find you in San Bernardino?

Here we have found the marketing consultant for your consideration.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Marketing Consultant in San Bernardino, California, is:

Julie Mount
San Bernardino, CA 92415
(888) 919-0918 Ext. 500

What are the significant benefits you are looking for in a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant works with its clients to develop a practical plan of implementation to increase their customer and client base.

A marketing consultant is skilled and very knowledgeable in customer or client relations as well as the process of gaining new customers or clients. With their experience, they identify the 'company's target market and position in the market. Knowing these facts will attract the right individuals and companies to their business.

A marketing consultant has access to the latest social media and digital tools to increase their opportunity for success. 

A SmartGuy Marketing Consultant does just that. 

They will introduce you to the following benefits:

Exclusive Business Network Listing

This exclusive business network listing aligns you with up to 1,500 other highly-rated businesses that share a win-win philosophy. The proprietary marketing tool provides you the opportunity to establish yourself as the exclusive professional in your category. 

Printable Consumer Directory

When this marketing community, you are automatically added to the local consumer directory, as the only professional in your category. Millions of consumers who have visited this directory search for quality professionals, and now they can find you. 

"Best in Category" Badge for your web page

A great way to grow your business is through recommendations. They are critical in 'today's modern business world and lead to higher conversions and results.  "Best in Business" Badge is proudly displayed on their company website. The web page is added in seconds by simply copying a single line of HTML and adding it to their business website. 

Article Widget which increased traffic to all of your web pages

Fresh, relevant content is vital to the effective ranking of any website. The algorithm of search engines is continuously monitoring sites for information that is useful and relevant. SmartGuy® helps you get recognized by the SEO process. Its innovative SEO boosting article widget is easy to add to your sites. Add this line of code to the bottom of your website and begin displaying high ranking SmartGuy® articles titles with minimal text.

Integrated Tracking Tool to Monitor Visitors

As the saying goes, "Information comes to power." 

SmartGuy® provides its members with basic real-time tracking that gives them the power of information about the visitors to their site. It shows the number of visitors in the last 24 hours, the previous 7 days and the previous month. 

The SmartGuy® interactive tracking tool is working 24/7 and is always available! Simply login to see individual impressions on each of your businesses.

More About Julie Mount and SmartGuy in San Bernardino

Julie Mount is an entrepreneur who expends her energy to help people with their health and wealth and provides opportunities to reach their goals.  She is a firm believer as a SmartGuy Marketing Consultant, along with the organization, they bring the world closer as one Community. Each one is helping others succeed with their businesses!  Working with Jordan Wexler, the Founder of SmartGuy, Julie believes in his vision, and he implements enhancements to the marketing tools quickly.

Julie Mount and SmartGuy work together to achieve their goal to be part of helping businesses thrive and survive.  Her ultimate mission is to help San Bernardino to grow and thrive.

SmartGuy has additional bonuses they offer their premium members:

Custom Article Placement with SEO Ranking on Page 1 of Search Engines

Personalized articles written for your business with keywords is automated through the SEO process to get your business on the top of the search engines. It also continues to exclusively connect your article with articles related to your category instantly as they are released.

You are contacted by one of our writers. They must get information regarding your business to place keyword and search terms relevant to those searching for your business. Approximately 90% of searches for a business begin online. Here is your chance to get on the top of the search engines fast - without pay-per-click or expensive banner charges! 

Toll-Free 24/7 Phone Lead Generation System

Once becoming a SmartGuy® Premium member, we will email you a PROMO CODE to get your own wireless toll-free number.  

SmartGuy Magazine Marketing Guide for Business

Looking for the latest tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business? Want to stay ahead of the game?  SmartGuy® Magazine can help!

For more information about SmartGuy and its amazing marketing tools contact Julie today.

Best SmartGuy Marketing Consultant in San Bernardino