Find the Best Live Streaming Service for TV in Boston MA near me Cable Alternatives


Looking to find the Best Live Streaming Service for TV in Boston MA? Looking for cable alternatives in Boston near me? Want an alternative to Cable and paying high cable bills? Is yes, your answer to these questions? Would you even like to build your own live streaming service business in the Boston community? Read on! We have set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. What is their specialty? What experience do they have? How flexible are they and much more? After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best EnvyTV in Boston MA is to be determined:

Are high monthly TV Subscriptions a thing of the past?

The answer is Yes. You can say goodbye to your high monthly TV subscription, and contract. With EnvyTV, you can have the same TV subscription and have access to over thousands of channels to choose from. You can connect to up to three devices per household. If you are looking to earn additional income, you can get paid for being a business partner with EnvyTV. Financial rewards are what you get when you become a referral associate and possibly an Affiliate marketing business partner of EnvyTV.


You have pay a monthly $49.97 per month. Your subscription cost will not change from month-to-month. There are no long-term contracts, no activation fees, no cancellation fees, no credit check. One of the advantages of having EnvyTV streaming service, you can modify your monthly internet service to lower your monthly cost. You get really cheap live streaming of movies and shows because:

  • No need for a Service Installation
  • No installation expense of cables and wiring
  • Service is delivered over the internet.
  • No costly service equipment and boxes
  • Customer base is built on referrals no telemarketing or salesmen
  • EnvyTV incurs no advertising costs
  • EnvyTV has low overhead costs (Unnecessary office buildings eliminated worldwide.)

How does EnvyTV work without a cable box?

First, you need an internet streaming service to access the EnvyTV app which is downloaded to your communication device. You need to have a FireStick unit for your television. Amazon or your local electronic stores carry the FireStick. The FireStick unit eliminates the need for an antenna or cable box. If you already have cable service, you can keep the internet service and cancel the cable portion. There is periodic maintenance that has to be performed to clear up the storage caches. It is just a matter of rebooting the system

What do I to get started?

  • Sign up.
  • Download the App.
  • Choose your channels…just plug-and-play.

What other Compatible Devices can I use?

Many devices can be used to view EnvyTV’s streaming services, including smart TV’s, Apple, PC, Mac, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones (Android and ISO) and most Android 6.0+ devices. EnvyTV also recommends you test your download speed. Your representative’s website will give you the url you will need to achieve this.


Your referral bonuses allow you to have your service for free and earn residual income.

You can receive a $10 a month referral bonus for every paid membership. You refer a family, friends or anyone else to EnvyTV you receive $10. The bonus is paid for the lifetime of the membership. Once you refer five people, you receive an additional $50 bonus. 


EnvyTV has a generous compensation plan for their affiliate partners.

They offer their Affiliate Marketing Business Partners:

  • A generous rewarding compensation plan
  • Products and services consumers want and need
  • A proven business model that works
  • 6 Ways to Get Paid
  • Customer Referral Bonus
  • Coded Bonus
  • Coded Bonus Override
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Monthly Residuals
  • Generational Team Building Bonus

EnvyTV’s Affiliate Business opportunity offers freedom. As an EnvyTV member, you will enjoy the:

  • Freedom to enjoying Tax advantages of business ownership
  • Freedom and flexibility to set your own work hours with the freedom to work when you choose
  • Freedom to schedule extra quality time with your family
  • Freedom to explore your own favorite pursuits
  • Freedom to help others improve their lives and experience freedom