Find the Best Live Streaming in Los Angeles CA in 2019 EnvyTV Cable Alternative Near Me


Looking to find the best Live Streaming Cable TV Alternative Los Angeles, CA in 2019? Want to Save money using Live streaming TV in Los Angeles near me?  You are familiar with paying your monthly Cable TV bill, and you are most likely under contract with an early cancellation fee. What if, you can have a TV subscription and have access to up to 1,500 channels to choose from; connect to up to 3 devices per household, and additionally get paid for the service? Financial rewards are what you get when you become a customer of EnvyTV.

Why do we suggest EnvyTV?
Live Streaming TV in Los Angeles
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EnvyTV service is enjoyed by thousands, especially for the low monthly price. In addition to over 1,500 channels to choose from you have: 

-The monthly subscription fee is $49.97
-Three (3) active smart devices or televisions are running simultaneously.
-Easy setup because of the Plug & Play Technology.
-No long-term month-to-month contract.
-There are no activation fees or cancellation fees.
-Credit checks are not required
-No need to make at home appointments for cable technicians

Are there hidden fees, or an upsell?

EnvyTV prides itself in not having hidden fees; $49.97 is all inclusive.

What other devices do I need to use this live tv streaming service?

Fast internet service is needed (DSL is often too slow). Typically, the speed received by most portable devices such as smartphones or tablets is fast enough as long as you actually get 4G speed. However, if you are in an area where your internet provider drops your speed, your streaming quality may fall. You usually do not have to be concerned if you are using Home Smart TV's, Personal Computers or Macs. EnvyTV usually runs between 15 and 35. This means the best internet service plan to buy should run at 50-70 speed. This range works well because, during high volume peak times, your internet service may drop to about half of what is necessary. No worries, EnvyTV has built-in programming that allows you to change the viewing option to allow for the high usage.

Can I finally get rid of my boxes and cords?

Yes! Instead of a cable box or android box, you have the options to receive EnvyTV’s signal two ways. You can use the provided portal on their website or purchase a device such as a FireStick or Fire TV Stick. You can buy a FireStick or Fire TV Stick one time from Amazon, or most local stores are specializing in electronics, such as at Best Buy or airport vending machines. The rental cost of a cable box is no longer necessary. EnvyTV allows you to program and watch your programming anywhere in the world by taking your FireStick or Fire TV and plugging it into any HDMI port on a TV that has internet access.

Am I limited to watch on mobile devices?

No. You are not limited to the devices that you use. EnvyTV recommends that you check your internet speed on each of your devices. In addition to mobile devices, you can use the EnvyTV app on Mac, Apple, PC, tablets, other laptop computers, smartphones (IOS and Android) and most Android 6.0 + devices.

What kinds of programming and television channels do they provide?

Envy TV provides the popular Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Events, Live Streaming Channels; HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ, are examples of the Premium Channels; and sports fans will not be left out. EnvyTV has NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, International Channels, and many, many, more

Can I take my service with me?

You can access your service as long as you are connected to the internet.

Am I limited to access a limited number of domestic and International Channels?

No. You have a choice of over 1,500 channels. More channels are being added by EnvyTV and upgrading more and more channels to provide the best possible customer experience.

Is recording live streaming programs allowed?

Yes. Most users use their Fire TV Stick to record and watch their favorites. However, the FireStick offers minimal recording thru EnvyTV’s service. Remember the EnvyTV app is not a DVR, but a live TV streaming service.

Do I need to cancel my internet service with my cable/satellite provider?

No. You need your internet service in order to use your live tv streaming app. You can lower your cable/satellite service to use only the internet access portion. You would be modifying your existing package, not canceling your total package.

Why is EnvyTV Cheap?

It’s simple. EnvyTV has a very low overhead. They operate without a sales force, office buildings to staff, low or no cost for advertising, and no technical cable technicians to send out to your home to install or fix the service. There is no expense of cables or wires connecting to your service. You just download an app, and the live tv streaming comes through the internet.

Tell me how does EnvyTV give me my internet streaming service for FREE?

When you refer family, friends, or co-workers to EnvyTV, you receive a $10 per month referral bonus for every month they stay a paid member. Refer five (5) paid members, and you receive a $50 one-time referral bonus. Following these steps and you will offset your monthly $49.95 fee. It gets even better. Keep referring new paid members, and you continue to earn extra money.

With your Bonus Referral System, is there an opportunity to become an Affiliate with EnvyTV?

Yes. You can continue earning financial rewards by continually introducing people to EnvyTV. As an Affiliate, you can offset your monthly bills by earning commission on the people who sign up with EnvyTV.