Find the Best Liquor Stores in Calgary in 2019 Near me


Are you looking to find the Best Liquor Stores in Calgary in 2019?  Have you asked yourself, where are liquor stores in Calgary near me? Look and see. There are more and more liquor stores starting their businesses in-the-area. They all have their own unique quality and expertise, and offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages. For this reason, we have set out to help you choose the best one to meet your needs. How do they help meet the needs of their customers?  What experience do they have? How flexible are they and much more?  After careful consideration, here is our choice. 

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Liquor Stores in Calgary, AB Canada is to be determined:

Sunny Deol is the President of Big Country Liquor and brings in a lot of unique Wine and Liquor of from around the world for his customers. Sunny cares a lot about his customers and brings in quality beverages.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the Best Liquor Store can be overwhelming with the variety of liquor’s out on the shelves.  Have you avoided buying something at a liquor store, because the selection all looks the same? Here is what to look for:

Look for someone who is knowledgeable and knows the difference in between different brands of alcohol and they can help you with what ever questions you may have. A good sign is when the staff are pleasant, and the owners identify themselves and are happy to give you detailed recommendations for their favorite bottles and what to mix with them. They want your business and they want you to come back again and again.  

They also host a variety of tasting events for their customers to sample their products before you buy. They are aware and knowledgeable about the local distilling scene and who is producing alcohol nearby, shows that store’s owner care about their community and want to support it. This shows a commitment to craft and quality and a passion for finding unique spirits.  


Defining a good wine is subjective to each person’s taste buds.  You could prefer sweet, tart, delicate, bold or even spicy. These essential characteristics define a bottle of wine and help in picking a bottle. Wine labels often use, “dry”, “sweet” or “semi-sweet”. Another element of a wine are the tannins. When tannins are naturally present or added through aging, the wine will have a more bitter taste. 

The body of a wine refers to how heavy or light the wine feels in your mouth.  A wine can have a light body, full body or somewhere in between. Red wines generally have a fuller body than white wines. Most wines contain 11 to 13 percent alcohol, the higher the percentage of alcohol in your glass of wine, the more it will warm your throat.

Most people enjoy a sweet wine and If you are new to wine, start with a white or rose wine.


Beer has four main ingredients, grains, hops, yeast, and water. The most common used grain is barley. Some other beers are made with wheat or rye. Rice and corn are used in Mass marketed beers, cheap grains have less flavor. The quality and character of a beer depends on the type of grain used. Yeast is a complex organism but makes the difference in the end product, which depends on the type of yeast and the temperature at which the yeast is maintained. Hops are a relative of the cannabis plant and literally take the edge off the bear. It is the timing and the volume that gives a beer more flavor. To balance the sweetness of the grains, hops adds bitter and spicy flavors to the beer.