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Would you like to find the best internet service in Birmingham, AL? Want to know where to go for EnvyTV in Birmingham in 2019? Perhaps you want to learn how to save on your cable service in Birmingham.

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Bonnie Sult
Birmingham AL USA, 35242
(662) 883-0874

EnvyTV supplies you with up to 1,500 channels to choose from and enjoy, which includes HDTV, sports channels, premium channels, children's channels, a huge selection of international channels, and more. There is a small monthly fee for the service, but one of the best benefits of EnvyTV is, it gives you an opportunity to put cash back in your pocket. Think about it ... since you are a member and love this service, you will want to share with everyone you know. By sharing the benefits of this live streaming television service, you will earn extra cash from your referrals. You can tell your family, friends, and colleagues about the service and EnvyTV pays you for doing it. This is how EnvyTV saves you money, as well as pays.

Why is EnvyTV the right choice?

People by the thousands are enjoying the fact that they can save money with EnvyTV and love the variety of entertainment choices. Some of the benefits include:

-Up to 1,500 channels available and counting in Birmingham
- Monthly Service Contract
-Pay only $ 49.97 a month
-Simple Plug & Play Equipment
-Long-term Contracts are a thing of the past
-Not penalized canceling early
-No Onsite Technical Support
-Your credit is not a factor
-Up to 3-Family devices per household 

What current programming and TV channels are available?

EnvyTV  presently transmits hundreds of broadcast internet streaming channels including Pay-Per-View Events, Live Streaming Channels; Subscription channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ, etc.; If you are into all types of sports, you can choose from many channels for instance NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and international sports channels, and many, many more.

What hidden costs does this online streaming service have?

EnvyTV has no hidden costs. The complete monthly billing is only $49.97.

How many streaming channels are available domestically and overseas? 

EnvyTV strives to give you the best possible live streaming television experience. Their live streaming staff is regularly adding and often updating on their website home page listings.  Currently, there are up to 1,500 channels for you to select from. EnvyTV’s goal is to keep the main website listings current for its members. Channels are becoming available every day, and there are often more than there are listed.

Is it correct that to use this streaming service, I do not need a cable or android box?

NO! You have two different ways you can select to receive the signal, either through your web access point or via a FireStick or Fire TV Stick. You can purchase a Firestick or Fire TV stick from Amazon, Best Buy, or even in airport vending machines. You have the convenience of viewing your streaming programs globally with your Firestick or Fire TV Stick by using an HDMI port on your television with access to the internet. This eliminates the need for a cable or android box.

Is there anything else I need as far as equipment to use this monthly internet streaming TV service?

Yes, you need a swift Internet streaming service due to DSL being very slow. Most portable devices like smartphones or tablets the rate of speed processes. As long as you are processing at a 4g speed, this is typically fast enough for the internet streaming. When you are located in an area where your provider cuts your speed, your internet streaming may not be adequate enough to give you quality service. As for Home Smart TV’s, PC or Mac: EnvyTV usually runs on 15 and is excellent on 35. Many internet providers only provide you with about half of what is available; therefore, during high volume peak times, the best plan is 50-70. EnvyTV does have a built-in option to change the viewing psi if you should experience buffering. This option will assist in providing you with a sharp picture and continue to run smoothly.

Can I set my EnvyTV to record my streaming programs?

Yes, a minimum recording is available through the Firestick or Fire TV Stick on their service, but remember that EnvyTV is a live internet streaming TV service, not a DVR. Most members use their Firestick or Fire TV Stick to watch their favorite shows at any time.

What are the compatible devices I can use? 

Many devices can be used to view internet streaming TV services from EnvyTv including Smart TV, Apple, PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, smartphones (Android and IOS) and most devices from Android 6.0 +. 

What about the long-term contract I have with my cable/satellite provider?

You are still going to need internet service, and you might be able to reduce your cable/satellite monthly bill by negotiating to use the internet portion of your contract. That means changing your package-not canceling it.

Is my service portable?

Yes! Your favorite shows are available to you whenever you log into EnvyTV; whether by television or your portable device using FireTVStick to provide you with good internet streaming.    

If EnvyTV Pays, why is there a $49.95 cost?

When you refer others, (family, friends, or anyone else) to EnvyTV; when they subscribe to the service, you can receive a reward of $10 every month under the condition they are subscribers to EnvyTV. Your bonus is $50 when 5 people become subscribers to EnvyTV. This can help pay the monthly fee subscription with EnvyTV. You can also recommend to as many people earning extra money that can help pay off bills and meet monthly obligations for which you need extra income.  

Does the opportunity allow me to start my own business? 

Yes, globally, you can join us and earn money. You can receive referral bonuses for each referral paid subscriptions. You can also become a member of our company and earn your way to senior positions. 

More about EnvyTV and Bonnie Sult 

Ms. Bonnie Sult is a Field Affiliate for EnvyTV and helps her customers save money and shares with them the unique opportunity of earning an extra income. Ms. Sult will explain to you the benefits of EnvyTV’s internet streaming TV service and how you can also start a home-based business. There are no products to purchase, store, or sell, unlike many home business opportunities. There are quotas to meet and no pressure to build a business with EnvyTV’s affiliate program. This choice is entirely up to the member.  Ms. Sult will show you why EnvyTV is a convenient, inexpensive alternative service, as well as a great business opportunity.

If you have an interest in having more freedom, flexible hours, time to spend with your family or take advantage of an opportunity to create a home business, contact Ms. Bonnie Sult today! She will share with you all the EnvyTV information and its company background and policies. She will also share her personal journey as to how EnvyTV has helped her take control of her monthly financial obligations.

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