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Are you looking for the Best Insurance Agency in Salt Lake City, UT? Many insurance companies rely on brokerage specialists in the Salt Lake City community to help prospective clients find them. The best Insurance Brokerage Agency learns the policies and programs of these local insurance companies and is expert at what they do.

After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® Best Life Insurance Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah, is:

Stone Hill National
257 E 200 S #750
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 363-1215

What to Look for in an Insurance Brokerage Specialist?

We are familiar with the local insurance companies and their numerous products which allow customers to protect their family with a cash benefit if the primary income earner passes away suddenly, becomes disabled or becomes seriously or chronically ill.

The best insurance brokerage specialist builds a relationship with Insurance companies who know how to build relationships with their clients and who know that family dynamics may change from year to year and are responsive to see if a change to the family policy is needed.

The best insurance brokerage specialist builds a relationship with companies whose products match the needs of local businesses who are offering group life and health insurance to their employees.

With the growing number of active seniors over 65, the Insurance Brokerage Specialist knows whose insurance plans and programs fit someone who is becoming a senior or already holds Boomer-status.

The Insurance Brokerage Specialist is not only familiar with life insurance policies, but also companies who specialize in the following kinds of plans:

Group Health

Group Health insurance is employer-sponsored health coverage. 

Individual Health

Individual Health insurance is for individuals and families who are not connected to employer-based coverage.

Ancillary Plans

  • Dental
  • Life
  • Vision
  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer

Term Life is a plan that provides a cash reward either upon the policyholder's death or after a given period of time.

Long-term care insurance is coverage that includes nursing home care, home care, personal or adult day care for policyholders aged 65 years of age, or a chronic or disability illness that requires constant supervision.

Critical disease insurance is a plan which provides a lump sum benefit if the policyholder is diagnosed is suffering from one of many terminal diseases

More about Stone Hill National in Salt Lake City

Stone Hill Health and Ancillary Department represent multiple health and ancillary (Dental, Life, Vision, Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, STD, and LTD) insurance companies to find available products for agents to present to their clients.

We provide a total benefits package with side by side plan comparisons, up-to-date product information, carrier contracting, training, in-house sales support, referral options, assistance on service and renewals, and agents are 100% vested in commissions (referrals vary).


Stone Hill National represents the top independent life insurance carriers in the business and will assist each agent in getting appointed to sell their products. We provide quoting and case design from simple to complex cases and manage them from start to finish. Whether your clients need Final expense, term insurance, Universal Life, or significant Premium Finance cases, we have you covered. We have a vast knowledge of the carrier underwriting guidelines that will help you look like a pro by matching your client with the best carrier for their situation.


Things are changing and growing at the annuity marketplace. If you haven't looked at or considered annuities as part of completing the portfolios of your customer, it's a perfect time now. Many of you may know about "hybrid" products ' success, and annuities aren't any different.

Such new generation annuities meet the different needs of the customer and can be versatile for different events in life. Annuities:

  • Grow capital
  • Provide a return on your income
  • Provide money as reduced capacity to provide for oneself
  • Provide extra money if they are in a nursing home / long-term care facility
  • Provide Death benefits 
  • Senior/Boomer Products

The generation of Baby-Boomers began entering the Medicare program in 2011, and will continue until 2029. As a group, these people need or will need specific types of insurance and related products at present in the coming years. Including:

  • Medicare Advantage health plans
  • Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans
  • Medicare Supplements (Medigap) plans
  • Additional health plans to cover risks not covered by government-sponsored plans
  • Long-term care plans, which include relatively new plans for short-term care
  • Final expense life insurance
  • Annuities 

If you are an insurance agent, and interested in developing a relationship with the Best Insurance Brokerage Agency in Salt Lake City, contact Stonehill and ask for Eddie.

Best Life Insurance Brokerage Agency in Salt Lake City