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Are you searching for the Best Hair Salon in Council Bluffs IA? Want a great Hair Salon in Council Bluffs, but which ones offer the best hair styling solutions near me? Council Bluffs Beauty Salons offer many of the different haircuts, styling, coloring techniques, and waxing, but which ones will I leave feeling satisfied and gorgeous. For your consideration, we are delighted to introduce you to:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Hair and Beauty Salon in Council Bluff, Iowa, is:

Hello Gorgeous Beauty Salon
1010 South Main Street, Suite 500
Council Bluffs IA USA, 51503

A Brief History of Beauty Salons 

The hairdresser became a term and profession in the early 17th century. The practice of hairdressing dates back to ancient Egypt. Both wealthy Greek and Roman men and women had servants trained to cut, dye, and style their hair. The Greeks also had their beards trimmed. The first recorded barbershop opened in 296 BC and was known as Tonstinae. The operators of these shops also offered waxing, manicures, and pedicures. When the Roman Catholic clergymen were asked to remove facial hair, the demand for barbershops increased in 1092. 

It was in the 18th century when the popularity of wigs rose. It was then the profession of wig makers increased until the late 19th century. 

It was in the 15th century; more and more men became hairdressers. In Paris, the most popular salon was owned and operated by Champagne. Until his death in 1658, Champagne catered to wealthy Parisian women.

Modern Hair Salons

In the 1800s, barbershops transitioned to salons all over the world; women still had their servants style their hair in their homes.

There was a great movement for salons to advertise to draw more women to hair salons. There were many entrepreneurs starting beauty salon businesses and inventing products and equipment to facilitate their trade.

In the 1920s, the United States experienced the startup of 25,000 hair salons. The new inventions such as the bobby pins, hairdryers, perms, and hair coloring became popular. Hairstyles influenced by Jazz and Coco Chanel, and the latest craze (at that time) -- short bobs rose in popularity. It is also important to note; since many salons refused to cut women's hair, they went to barbershops.

In the 1940s, the invention of hairspray, relaxers, and other styling products. Like the barbershops of today, women loved going to beauty salons to escape the hum-drum day-to-day household routine. They wanted to be pampered and experience the sense of community and morale-boosting.

Raymond Bessone invented the Bouffant hairstyle in London. The beauty parlor transformed into the beauty salon. Eventually, the Unisex salon became popular and frequented by both men and women. Because of the popularity and demand, salons soon opened in department stores and on cruise ships. 

The 1970s is considered the Golden Age of the Hair Salon because stylists were in demand.

More about Hello Gorgeous Beauty Salon in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Hello Gorgeous Beauty Salon brings the beauty profession into the 21 century. 

One customer commented, "There's no better place in Council Bluffs to get any kind of salon service, Rene's focus is on making her client's appearance the best it can be. Good location, easy to find, historic and up and coming neighborhood." 

Hello Gorgeous' stylists are passionate about what they do and look to serve the needs of their customers. Their services consist of:

  • Haircuts
  • Styling
  • Coloring Techniques
  • Waxing

To name a few, along with offering you fantastic product lines to fit all your needs. They are proud also to accommodate you with your favorite line of products. Customer service is their high priority, as well as the quality of the finished product—you, the customer.

Rene and Hello Gorgeous set their one goal –"Customer Satisfaction." 

"So, Hello Gorgeous, and come on down to see us!"

Best Hair and Beauty Salon in Council Bluffs