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How do you find the Best Gold Buyers in Houston TX in 2019? Trying to determine the best choice for buying gold can be a bit of a challenge. The buying and selling of gold have been around for centuries, so there many different ways to both buy and sell gold. Are you selling gold that is considered jewelry? Is the gold you have in a coin? Are you trying to buy gold as an investment? Find a reputable gold buyer is important because of the financial risk and reward factor. Know that any information given about buying, selling or investing in gold is educational and not an endorsement or recommendation. 

With this goal in mind, and after extensive research, we are pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Gold Buyers Houston, Texas, is:

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Why invest in Gold?

The lure of gold as something you own has been around for centuries.  Gold is considered a precious metal and is primarily obtained through hard rock mining. The largest producers of gold are Russia, Australia, and China. Gold is used in a variety of industries and for various purposes. Gold is used in jewelry, coins, aerospace dentistry, electronics, and medicine. 

Gold is seen as a commodity and its value or price is determined by supply and demand. It is often considered the insurance against economic uncertainty because of its ability to retain its value when economies sour. Currently, gold is accepted as currency in 194 countries. 

There are several factors that make gold a solid investment tool: its ability to hold its value through volatile economical changes, it is easily liquidated, universally accepted, easily converted to diverse units (bars, coins, dust, jewelry, etc) and its rarity.

What is the best gold to buy?

Gold is purchased by governments as insurance against inflation, by central banks as a financial asset and by private investors looking to create more stable and secure investments. An investment is gold can be acquired through varies avenues: physical possession, like coins, bullions, jewelry, as well as gold mines and production companies, the futures market, gold certificates and the newest platform, cryptocurrency. 

1. Purchase physical gold

You can purchase gold as a physical object like jewelry, coins, bullion. Usually, when buying gold in this form you will pay a premium over the going gold rate and it usually falls in the 3 to 10 percent range. Before you purchase a gold item make sure you have the gold tested for its purity factor, usually shown in carets. Gold that is rated at 24 carats is pure gold and is worth the most.  Another factor to consider in purchasing pieces of gold is the storage of the gold. It is important that gold is stored properly and safely. Some sellers of gold products offer to store your gold in a safe or vault. Storing gold at your home, even in a safe, has its liabilities. Be sure to contact your insurance agent to review your policy for storing valuables. 

When considering the purchase of physical gold look for registered dealers who are willing to negotiate rates with you. You can also buy gold online. Again, only deal with registered dealers who are fully licensed and who offer insurance to cover your gold when being shipped to you. Another source for buying gold in your local jewelry store. Many reputable jewelers purchase gold jewelry from people who sell their jewelry. You can often get an excellent deal buying gold jewelry "as jewelry." 

2. Purchase Gold Related Securities

Just like a standard stock market security, you can invest in gold securities. Often this type of investment moves opposite of the "stock market." As in most securities you are betting on the future with the hope that the price of gold rises. You should also diversify your investment across several entities to hedge your investment against losses.

3. Buy a piece of the gold mine

Using this method you can purchase a share of the mine where the gold is being extracted. Buying at this level is a bit riskier because not all the investment is tied to the price of gold, but also to the value of the company. 

As in any investment, there is a risk and you should seek the advice of a financial expert before making uninformed choices.

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