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Are you a new entrepreneur? Are you looking for the Best General Business Services for Entrepreneurs in Lehi UT? It doesn’t matter if you are solopreneur, homebased business, or small business. Finding the right organization with the Best General Business Services offering tools to help you grow.

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SmartGuy® 2019 Best General Business Services in Lehi, Utah, is:

Entrepreneur Network USA
Bob Whitaker
Lehi UT USA, 84043
(801) 472-3368

Many organizations are focusing on offering tools for Entrepreneurs to grow their business. Entrepreneur Network USA offers a solid series of packages for Entrepreneurs.

First step: 

Join The Entrepreneur Network USA. You will be introduced to professionals who have the expertise and skills to help you with all of the business methodologies and tools; even a homebased business entrepreneur can utilize.

Two Tracks:

Free Membership

Join ENUSA today to receive our free booklet that can help you do more of both!

Premium Membership

With the Premium Membership, You will not only gain access to all of the Free Content but the ability to communicate with our experts.

Next step:

Examine your business needs and take advantage of the following software and resources you receive as a member of Entrepreneur Network USA (ENUSA).

ENUSA Ignites enhanced productivity training software.

A Choice of Recordkeeping Systems: 


  • Track your Tax Deductible Items
  • A home-based business or Small Businesses
  • Helps track IRS compliant transactions
  • Identify all expenses needed to maximize their tax deductions

TaxPAL™ is compatible with 

  • communication devices that can access its website or app
  • All Major accounting software programs
  • All Major tax-preparation software programs

TaxPAL™ includes

  • Built-in guidance at every stage - to ensure accuracy of documentation
  • Helpful tips and pointers on every page - to maximize your deductions
  • Ongoing tax-savings education by top experts - to ensure the accuracy of your deductions
  • Immediate access to "Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!" - to ensure you have full knowledge

Tax MiniMi$er™

Daily Diary Inserts fits neatly as an insert into your day planner and incorporates:

  • A Vehicle Use Log
  • An Expense Recorder with integrated Receipt Envelope
  • A Business Income register
  • A Tax-Deduction Spreadsheet with headings that prompt you to remember and record every imaginable type of tax-deductible expense.

​​The headings include the categories your tax pro will need to complete your tax return Schedule C. 

  • Check #   
  • Rented or Leased Equipment   
  • Cash or Credit Card     
  • Repairs & Maintenance    
  • Inventory Purchased for Resale    
  • Licenses & Business Taxes   
  • Advertising (including ‘samples')    
  • Travel & Lodging     
  • Capital Expense (for depreciation)   
  • Meals & Entertainment     
  • Business Interest Expense In-Home   
  • Office Expenses    
  • Legal & Professional Fees 
  • All Other Expenses   
  • Office Expenses & Supplies 

Training webinars for Knowing the Right Tax Deductions

Real Estate Investing Guide

People invest in real estate because it is one of the best vehicles available for making an excellent income while building long-term wealth. Purchase the book to get your start on investing. 

Debt Elimination & Wealth Creation Manual

Eliminate your debt with Money Physician's special guide to the fastest ways to eliminating debt and creating wealth. 

More About Bob Whitaker and Entrepreneur Network USA (ENUSA)

Bob Whitaker is your contact in Lehi for ENUSA. They offer "one-stop shopping" for all an Entrepreneur’s business needs.  

Their Motto: 

"We Are Entrepreneurs, Helping Entrepreneurs"

ENUSA's Mission:

Empowering entrepreneurs with the best tools, training, and synergistic networking environment to help their business thrive. 

ENUSA's Vision:

Create a ten million-member network of entrepreneurs who benefit from the great economic opportunities ahead.

They have developed programs which include software mentioned about teaching: 

  • how to incorporate your business
  • set up a website
  • to setting up your business record-keeping systems 
  • setting up payroll
  • health insurance
  • other benefit packages for your employees 
  • online marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • business coaching
  • productivity training 
  • tax deduction 
  • financial education
  • printing marketing material and much, much more.

If you are ready to be more productive and focused on building a sustainable business and knowing your net worth, contact Bob Whitaker.

Best General Business Services in Lehi