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Floor refinishing is part art and part science. When you are searching for a floor refinishing company, look no further than the Best Floor Refinishing Company, Austin TX in 2019. The process of refinishing floors, tile, concrete, or stone requires specialized equipment, processes, and experience. When searching for the best floor refinishing company, you should keep several questions is in mind: "How long have you been in business?" "Are you insured?" "Do you have pictures of completed jobs?" "Do you have a referral list I can contact?" Getting answers to these questions and having a little bit of knowledge about how floor refinishing is done can help you avoid a bad experience. 

With this goal in mind, and after extensive research, we are pleased to announce our choice. 

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Floor Refinishing Austin, Texas, is:

Durhams Floor Finishing
David Durham
Austin, TX  73301
(512) 445-3475

How important is it to seal my tile or concrete floor?

The sealing process of any type of tile-based or concrete floor serves several purposes. The most common purposes are stain repellency, chemical resistance, the reduction of dust, and for appearance. If the surface is outside, it is important to seal the surface to protect against freezing water that might penetrate the surface and cause damage from the expansion of water as it freezes. 

Concrete is a porous material that can easily absorb liquids, chemicals, oils, salts, and household chemicals, all of which can easily discolor or permanently damage the concrete. While many types of tile flooring may be nonporous, the cement-based grout used to install the tile is subject to all the same vulnerabilities as concrete. 

Before the sealing of concrete, the surface must adequately be cleaned. It requires the removal of dust and debris and then a scrub consisting of a mild detergent solution, followed by a drying period. With tile installation, the sealing of the grout is a necessary step to ensure the integrity of the installation and to ensure a long maintenance-free (other than routine cleaning of the surface) project. Most tiles are pre-sealed, but special care must be given to natural stone. The process of sealing your tiles and stone flooring is best done by a professional who has product and process knowledge and the proper equipment for installing the sealant. 

What can I do to recolor or resurface my concrete, tile, or natural stone flooring?

Tile, natural stone, and concrete floors can all be resurfaced or recolored if you so desire. When using specialized processes and components, these surfaces can be made to look totally different. Tile or stone flooring can take on a different look from dull and dirty to smooth and shiny. Tile or stone can be made to look like granite or marble. Dirty, stained grout lines can be totally covered, providing a clean, hard finish look. This types of finishes require special application processes and should only be done by a professional. 

Concrete can also be resurfaced and refinished, from everything to a pattern design to exotic floor colors and designs. When using special applications like epoxy or acrylic finishes, polishing, staining, and even concrete overlays, your concrete floor can take on a brand new look. These applications require specialized equipment and application procedures that make it imperative to use a professional. For the novice homeowner undertaking, such a task can turn into an ugly disaster that you don't want to live with and see every day. While it may look easy on a home remodeling television show - it requires experience and skill that only a professional with product and equipment experience will have.

How do I hire the best floor refinishing company?

When undertaking any kind of work that requires a professional, its important to ask questions. Question like, are you licensed? Do you have insurance that would cover any damage to my home or office? Do you provide a written estimate? Do you provide a warranty for your work? Do you have a list of references that I can contact? How long do you estimate the project to take? Do you have pictures of previous jobs that give examples of your work?

Other steps that can help protect you in hiring a professional include getting at least three bids or quotes. It allows you to compare pricing and the quality and level of service you might expect. Beware of estimates that are unseemly 'cheaper' than all the others - you usually get what you pay for. Second, call and talk to the reference given. You can learn a lot from those who have had interaction with a contractor. The more you know, the more you can feel comfortable when you are ready to hire a contractor.

More about Durham's Floor Finishing

Since 1977, Durhams Floor Finishing has provided the finest in sealing, refinishing, polishing, and repairing services with personalized attention to quality and detail that only a family-owned and operated business can provide.

Whether you need assistance with a commercial or residential property, David and his team will provide unbeatable reliability and quality for any tiled service. This level of attention and interest is not an additional service to be paid for, and this is simply their standard operating procedure!

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