Find the Best Fitness Personal Training Center in Ogden UT Designed Especially for You


Are you looking for the Best – Fitness Centers – in Ogden, UT? Are you overwhelmed by more and more Fitness Centers starting up in Ogden? They all have their unique quality and expertise and offer a wide range of personal fitness training.

After careful consideration, we would like to present this Ogden based gym with what we consider the best personal trainers. 

SmartGuy® Best Fitness Personal Trainers Ogden, Utah is:

3586 Brinker Avenue
Ogden UT USA, 84403
(801) 814-3618

This Best Personal Fitness Training Center is an Ogden based gym that is 100% focused on member results! It offers personalized education needed for the well-being of their clients. This fitness center has designed programs that provide strength, endurance as well as weight management.

Their professional fitness trainers will provide you with the most effective workout routine possible! You will have a tremendous personalized workout and in a fun environment!

Why a Personal Fitness Trainer?

Having an advanced personal trainer enhances exercise experience. All clients have a designed personal program to fit their physical needs.

How does it work?

During your first session to ensure the client the best training, a fitness assessment is required. This assessment reviews the medical history, fitness levels, and measure body composition. Each program is designed to provide strength gain, sports improvement, weight management, as well as injury/disease prevention.

What are the nutritional programs available?

Personally designed nutritional counseling programs monitors dietary intake and provides nutritional awareness — consultation and implementation of wellness programming for all organizations.

What exercise equipment is available?

This gym includes equipment such as barbells, weight, medicine balls, and dumbbells. We also provide power racks allowing for squats and presses. Floor mat exercises for strength and dexterity building are also offered. 

And the most excellent exercise equipment ever is your body. Have you ever battled a Burpee Rope? At this center, you will. 

  • Single-arm planks! 
  • Vertical Jump Training.

More about FHIIT FAM Fitness Training in Ogden

FHITT FAM's Mission is to provide members with the most effective workout routine possible while maintaining a fun and safe environment! FHITT FAM believes if you want a HEALTHY and STRONG body, Losing WEIGHT is irrelevant in following short term fluctuations. Your bathroom scale is not the holy grail of progress. The vital factor is HOW DO YOU FEEL?

Learning to enjoy the process is the first step. Next, determine what your body requires to thrive and feel good. Block out the fitness industry noise. FHITT FAM promised you; they don't care about you. They care about your money. Take time to talk to one of the FHITT FAM fitness consultants about how you can LEARN what your body requires. You will receive a baseline that will make your nutrition planning much easier for you regardless of what the current goal is.

FHITT FAM has onsite and YouTube video training which addresses topics like:

  • Learn why it is SO hard to eat, right!?
  • What'sWhat's the best exercise to burn fat off of your stomach?!
  • Are you doing planks, CORRECT?
  • Strengthen your Core and Back.

No matter your age, or current activity level, you'll learn and be guided through how you can become the healthiest and strongest version of yourself! 

For more information on Body Transformation classes and on how to schedule your private personal training session, contact FHIIT FAM and ask for Brantley. 

Best Fitness Personal Training in Ogden