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Are you looking for the Best Business Referral Network in Plano, TX? Have you been searching for a referral network, unlike traditional directories and networks, to help you expand your business? Is this directory online and easily accessible? Does it include virtually any business? Does it accept only highly-rated professional businesses per category in your community? 

The business referral directory we selected is not only for doing business-to-business; it is an excellent resource for a consumer, and can be found online.

SmartGuy® Best Business Referral Network in Plano, Texas, is:

Plano TX Business Network
Joseph Shivell - City Network Leader
Plano TX USA, 75075

During Business Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F
Call (214) 677-5924
Outside Business Hours
Call (888) 921-3506 - Ext. 500 and dial 0 when instructed

Are you ready to go to the next level of business networking? 

Company reference associations, also known as business reference networks or lead clubs, are networking organizations with a difference: they are all about giving and receiving referrals. 

Nevertheless, an online Business Referral Network is the fastest growing method to expand your customer base and get quick results. 

All good business referral groups have a few things in common:

Commitment: Members must pledge to participate in actively networking with other businesses in their community. 

Exclusivity: The best business referral network usually limits membership from each occupation, specialization, or industry to one individual. For example, you can't join a business referral community that already has a dentist if you have a dental practice. The business referral network decides what constitutes a conflict of interest. If a lawyer specializes in personal injury law, and another lawyer specializes in estate planning, two separate categories are defined to avoid having them feel they are competing with each other. Conflict of interest solved; both are accepted in the community network.

Get in Where You Fit In: You can't just sign up because business reference networks are exclusive. If the network does not have a business in your category, sign up and wait for the approval. 

If existing business referral members are complementary to your business, you get the most value from a referral community. For example, if you own a home staging company, you'd profit from joining a group of members that includes real estate agents, home inspectors, remodeling businesses, and other house buying and selling businesses.

More about Joseph Shivell and Plano TX Business Network

Here is how Plano TX Business Network works in conjunction with SmartGuy® Online Exclusive Business Referral Network and serves the community of Plano, Texas.


Access the thousands of independent business professionals' SmartGuy® database, many of whom offer local discounts. Please enter the city and select it in the drop-down and view a business description, videos, reviews, contact information, and link to their social networks. 

Small Businesses

Are you looking for online and offline growth in your business? 

Recent statistics show that up to 90% of business professionals' searches start online. Join the Plano TX Business Network and SmartGuy® links you to up to 1,500 other local search engine companies and help you get your company quickly on the FIRST search engine list! It takes 1-2 minutes to join, and then automatically, SmartGuy® lists you in the local business directory for Plano TX Business Network and will connect you to up to 1,500 local companies.

Plano TX Business Network is an excellent opportunity to JOIN for FREE and get the following benefits: 

  • Creation of an editable webpage that can rank on top of search engines in as little as 1-2 weeks
  • Addition to the Local SmartGuy City Business Network
  • Addition to multiple consumers directories, such as
  • Connection to any/all existing industry articles within your industry, many already on the first pages of search engines. 
  • Addition to industry groups, allowing you to network with others in your industry worldwide.
  • Provided with an SEO BOOSTING ARTICLE WIDGET to help increase your ranking on other websites
  • Real-time Integrated Tracking of visitors to your SmartGuy webpage over 24 hours, seven (7) days, and 30 days!

If you are serious about building your customer or client base through networking with like-minded businesses who complement your product or services, contact Joseph Shivell, Plano TX Business Network's City Network Leader for more information.

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