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Are you looking to start a company in Sunset FL? Are you looking for the Best Empowerment Coach in Sunrise FL? Many are motivated by a passion or vision to create their own business. Based on the knowledge of their choice in the industry or the urge to achieve a long-awaited goal. They recognize they need help. Help to build a strong mindset and foundation and create the right environment for business growth and personal development.

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What is an Empowerment Coach?

Empowerment coaching calls for engaging and knows their clients' emotional state and their resonance. Their purpose is to lift them above their present state and see where they are and where they want their life to be.

The key concept is to embrace the individual without judgment with all their faults and to help them transfer their behavior and emotion to a higher level.

Empowerment means to understand how emotionally you are presently and finally to work towards your goal. Many people who have suffered trauma or become self-sufficient tend to become stuck.

Most people accept their mediocrity and lead a happy life. Very few decide what to do, and these are the ones you can help with your coaching. An Empowerment Coach will take individuals from their current emotional state, as a personal confidence coach to where they want to be.

The Best Empowerment Coach helps to make you understand who you are and why you are trapped. They have strategies to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

The Best Empowerment Coach trains to have intentional conversations that enable a person to become clear and embody his calling are coaching in their core. Throughout the 21st century, it is the art of power that underlie leadership.

A primary difference is that coaching draws answers from within a person while counseling and mentoring often involves putting the answers into your psyche. Simply put, coaching is based on inquiry, while advice and mentoring based on information.

There are six basic and essential skills the best empowerment coach must have:


Coaching helps to bring the two components of our minds together. It helps to bring forth the unconscious to the conscious mind. When you consider that our conscious mind only directs 3-5 percent of our thoughts, words, and actions, it is clear who is in the driver's seat: our subconscious mind.


Coaching uses strategies and methods to enable clients to be ultimately "real," which is essential because it provides a comfortable space for clients to dive deep into their subconscious mind and obtain insight into their innermost abilities. The client will then discuss and play with new concepts, attitudes, strategies, and schedules.


An effective coach listens to understand, not answer. 


Curiosity feeds the process of self-discovery and helps people expand their potential. 

Curiosity can unlock doors that have been closed, secured, and tossed away by the consumer. Once the door opens, the client can explore a new awareness of their resourcefulness to overcome challenges, limit belief systems, negative thoughts, and doubts.


There is a disparity between questioning and successful questioning. A practical question is open-ended, goes further into what the client thinks and feels, goes deeper into the client's values, and explains why those values are essential. It is important to note: in a coaching situation, these questions have no correct or incorrect answer. Powerful questions may unlock life-changing solutions. Eventually, a new awareness will emerge for the client, empowering them to make the changes they want.


How can you develop anything as dynamic as your intuition? The first step is to understand how the mind and creative process function – in this way, you know how to motivate your clients to a higher level of success.

More about Ella Gooden and ProThink International in Sunrise

As President and CEO of ProThink International and Independent Certified Coach with The John Maxwell Global Team, I offer tailor-made coaching, training, and mentoring to meet your organizational needs in leadership and personal growth and development. Services are delivered either online or face-to-face, based on the particular intent and intention, including applicable initiatives such as lunch and coaching, half-day and full-day seminars or conferences, in-house business preparation, management, and personal retreats, the Friendship Meeting and the keynote for the corporate event. All programs encourage and empower you and your team (if working in a group) toward a meaningful life.

For more information about her services, contact Ella directly. Isn't it time to get on the right road to achieving your dreams?

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