Find the Best Divorce Lawyers in Arlington VA in 2019 Who to Choose


Are you looking to find the Best Divorce Lawyers in Arlington VA in 2019? Please know that not all divorce lawyers offer the same level of qualified services or follow ethical practices. Which ones can you rely on confidently? What criteria should you use in determining the best divorce lawyer to insure you’ll be infinitely satisfied with the results? It is our goal to do the evaluation process for you and determine which divorce lawyer most deserve your trust and our recommendation. With this in mind, and after careful consideration, we are very pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Divorce Lawyers in Arlington VA in 2019 is:

Lively and Myers

4250 Fairfax Drive #600

Arlington VA USA, 22203
James Livesay

(703) 865-8242

Without our choice for the Best Divorce Attorney in Arlington, VA these are the steps you would normally have to follow.

You are already stressed and now you face the daunting task of finding a divorce attorney. But the search won’t be too difficult, if you approach choosing legal services like selecting other products and services. You simply have to do your homework. And, taking your time to find the right lawyer will be worth it, as they are more likely to help you win your case.

  1. First task is to gather a list of names. Use the following sources.
  2. Friends who have gone through a divorce
  3. Other lawyers-they are aware of reputations in a particular practice field
  4. Local bar association
  5. State bar association (Public Resources)
  6. Search online for local attorneys
  7. Better Business Bureau (

Once you have several divorce lawyer referrals, make a list of names, address, phone number, and website. Review each attorney’s website. Look for general information on your legal issue, including frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. The best attorneys will maintain well developed websites offering a lot of information.

Small versus large practice-since you are only looking for someone to help you with your divorce case, you should feel comfortable with a small firm.

It is now time to do one on one interviews. Using your list of candidates, make a consultation appointment with each lawyer.  Most attorneys will do consultation appointments for free. But make certain you know whether or not you will be charged. And bring any documents to the meeting that you feel are relevant to your case.

Make a list of questions relevant to your particular situation. The attorney should not have any problem answering any question you may have. He or she should not sound hesitant or unsure. Take notes during the interview.   Questions you might ask are-

  • How long have they been in practice?
  • What is their track record of success?
  • What percentage of their caseload is dedicated to handling your type of legal problem?
  • What are their fees and how are they structured? What additional costs may be involved in addition to lawyer fees (postage, filing fees, copy fees, etc.)? How often will you be billed?
  • Can they provide references from other clients?
  • Do they have a written fee agreement or representation agreement?
  • How will they inform you of developments in your case?

You should also ask who your primary contact throughout the case will be. Will you hear mostly from an assistant or junior colleague? You should know who to contact with questions about your case.

Remember that you are interviewing the attorney for a job. Treat your meeting as such, a job interview. If you feel as though the attorney isn't listening to you or isn't answering your questions, pick a different attorney on your list.

If you are satisfied with the attorney’s answers and you feel that you would be comfortable working with them, then you just hired a lawyer to handle your divorce case. Congratulations!

More about our choice for the Best Divorce Lawyers in Arlington -Lively and Myers 

Livesay & Myers, P.C. has a compassionate team of lawyers who practice exclusively family law. In spite of the emotional trauma both parties experience during a divorce, the attorneys at Livesay & Meyers work diligently to get a fair settlement that satisfies both parties. They are a skilled legal team and work as advocates every step of the way during one of the most difficult times of their client’s life. They allow their clients to discuss their concerns and needs openly, so that all parties are satisfied with the outcome. Their expertise is consistent in facilitating and overcoming confusing and challenging situations.

We are sure that if you went the discovery process, we outlined about, you would agree, Livesay & Myers, PC is the Best Divorce Lawyers in Arlington, VA.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Arlington VA