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How do you find the Best Direct Sales Company in Portland OR for 2019? Finding the right direct sales company can be a tedious task. There are many choices for direct sales, so having some key indicators can help you make a decision. How do you choose a good direct sales company? What really is direct sales? How do you make money with direct sales? What products are best for a direct sales opportunity? Hou much money does it take to get started in a direct sales company?

With this goal in mind, and after research, we are pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Direct Sales in Portland, Oregon, is:

Robert Foster
Portland OR 97201
(503) 548-8775

What are direct sales?

Direct sales involve the selling of products or services face to face. Most direct sales companies do not have retail sort locations. The direct sales process consists of presenting the product or service to others through events, like a home show or party, presentation meetings, online stores, and individually, person to person. These presentations aim to build a customer base, sell the product or service, and establish an ongoing purchase process, often called a residual. 

As a sales consultant for the direct sales company, you will be paid a commission on what you sell. Average commissions range from 20 - 35 percent of the sold product or service. Many direct sales companies offer a tiered compensation plan that allows you to receive a commission on the sales of people you have referred to the business. 

What are the benefits of being in direct sales?

You can increase your income.

Many people become involved in direct sales to supplement their income by starting part-time in the process. Since direct sales is based on "selling" the increase in income comes through products or services sold. The amount of time and energy put into the activity of selling determines the amount of income you can make. Unlike a traditional job, you can give yourself a raise, by simply increase your efforts with your direct sales. 

Be your own boss, work from home and on your own schedule

With direct sales, you work for yourself and don’t have to answer others. You will often have the support and encouragement of others from within the industry, including the company you partner with. Being your own boss allows you to create a flexible work schedule, giving you the opportunity to attend family events, take vacations, participate in local events, and more. 

New friends and relationships

Being a part of a direct sales company will introduce you to a new group of like-minded people who have the same goals, interest, and desires - to be successful. This new friendship can help you be more successful, giving you moral support, ideas, help, and relationships. 

Hone your business skills

Often people who take up direct sales as a business have never had their own business before. This new adventure gives you the opportunity to learn business skills. New skill sets will be learned in areas like time management, organization, presentation skills, speaking skills, money management, event planning, effective coaching, sales strategies and techniques, and customer service. 

Am I a good fit for direct sales?

One of the biggest questions you must ask yourself is, "Is direct sales a good fit for me?" This question is so important. Your success in direct sales is going to be up to you. While the company will often provide sales material, motivational events, websites, training, and more, in the end, it's your business. There are key factors for you to consider:

How much money do you want to make?

For some people, their goal is to replace their income and quit their current job. For others its to make extra money for a particular expense they want to cover, for others, it focuses on putting more in a retirement account.  Depending on your goal and the way you are driven, the answer can help you understand how direct sales might fit into your plans. 

Do you have the right mindset? 

Every successful direct salesperson will tell you that the most important factor is "your mindset."  Being your own boss has its challenges and rewards. If you have never worked for yourself and only been an employee, you might find "working for yourself" a bit challenging. Self-employed entrepreneurs have to have some disciplines, accountabilities, and motivations that start their everyday routines. No one is going to check in on you to see if you are at work or making any sales. Success for most direct salespeople involves being a self-starter or highly self-motivated person, is that you?

Have you defined success? 

What are your preconceived notions about success and money? Everyone has feeling and beliefs about money. Sometimes we believe money will bring us success. For others, success is a destination, a certain status, or level of lifestyle. Most successful direct salespeople have disciplined themselves through personal growth. They have also come to understand what success looks like for them, not trying to be like someone else's idea of success. 

More about Robert Foster and rNetwork

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