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Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in areas of health, home, and travel? Are you searching for the Best Direct Sales Network Marketing in Las Vegas, NV? So many companies are selling similar products and services, how do you connect with the Best Network Marketing in Direct Sales in Las Vegas?

It is our purpose to introduce you to one such company for consideration.

SmartGuy 2019 Best Direct Sales Network Marketing in Las Vegas, Nevada is:

Connie Reeves Media Network
Connie Reeves
Las Vegas NV 89148

There are several multilevel marketing business opportunities available for individuals looking to improve their health, as well as increase their opportunity to build wealth. Let us take a look at there.

First: Ascend Global Services (AGS)

AGS is one of many companies structure in the Multilevel Marketing business model to market and distribute their products and services to you, your family, and friends. The purpose is to cut the overhead cost and pass on money to their sales representative and affiliates.

AGS Health Products

  • TruHemp Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream
  • TruHemp Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
  • TruHemp Full Spectrum CBD Salve
  • TruHemp Full Spectrum CBD Softgels
  • TruHemp Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil
  • TruHemp Full Spectrum CBD Pet Treats
  • MAJU’s Moringa Powder
  • Moringa Leaf Capsules
  • Moringa Source - Moringa Oleifera Herbal Leaf Extract 
  • Blue Tomato Extract - Powerful Antioxidant

AGS Home Products

  • Crystal Wave ™
  • GeoStellar - Renewable Energy (coming soon)

AGS Travel Services

  • Member - Ascend Travel Club allows anyone with small, medium, or unlimited resources the opportunity to travel and experience more out of life! We offer two different memberships, covering all your travel needs.
  • Partner - as a partner, you have an opportunity to build a business with our travel program, and grow by learning from years of travel experience. Join Ascend Travel Club to help make others dream vacations become a reality!

Ascend Global Service’s Philosophy is “The Greatest Treasure We Can Create Are Loving Memories with Friends and Loved Ones. Make Yours Epic!”

Why Ascend Global Services? 

Your Home-Based Business has little risk and unlimited income potential.

This is your Business.

There are many advantages to having a homebased business — no wasting money on commuting back and forth to work each day. You work your hours, and with the people, you choose to work. You enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your boss. You spend more time with your family.

Great ROI...low risk...great return.

There are very little investment and little or no overhead. There is also no salary cap. 

Travels with You.

You have no limitations as to where you have to work. Work anywhere in the world.

Residual Income.

Perhaps the most significant benefit that our multilevel marketing strategy offers is lasting income. You earn income as the distributors you bring into the business continue to build their customer based and their team of distributors.

Second: Shop Free Mart™

Shop Free Mart is a member shopping club. ShopFreeMart™ incorporates the philosophy that businesses should include a Free To Join Membership Club with Profit Sharing.


  • Free Membership
  • No Autoship/No Monthly Purchase
  • Refer others to get paid through 9 Levels
  • No Gimmicks or Rank Advancement to Get Paid
  • High-Quality Consumable Products that are in Demand


FreeMartCard - Your Personal Virtual Business Card

ShopFreedomPackage - – Free Membership

  • Three Free Products ($176 Value)
  • Sixteen gift coupons ($25,000 Value)
  • No monthly purchase
  • No auto-ship
  • No tricks or gimmicks
  • Members share in Company Profits

10-Day Advance Breakthrough Challenge

Many natural health products and supplements to select from

More about Connie Reeves Media Network

Connie Reeves is a professional Internet Network Marketer with 30+ years working in traditional broadcast media and media relations in 4 different markets.  Connie is Corporate Director for the non-profit division of Ascend Global Services called “The Ascend SOAR Program.” She is also a National Director for the profit side of Ascend and markets the Health, Home and Travel products and services mentioned above.

Connie is a Diamond manager for her second direct sales company, Shop Free Mart™.

For more information about Connie Reeves Media Network and Ascend Global Services, contact her directly.

Best Direct Sales Media Network Company in Las Vegas